Is your normal routine causing you to miss out on life!

There are certain things that must be done daily, just to maintain. But often, in the mist of it all, you can forget to live!

Whether its work, home, spouse or children, life’s responsibilities can keep you pretty busy. Before you know it, 5-10 years have gone by and you forgot to live. You can be bombarded with responsibilities, that you continue to do, because you don’t want to disappoint others or because you signed up for it (5 years ago). Pay attention to what you have committed to that is no longer serving purpose in your life for where you are now.
No one wants to have regrets about all the things they wanted to do and never took the time to incorporate into their busy schedules. You can get so caught up in your routine that you forget to dream or imagine life being any different.
Don’t get caught in the bondage of normalcy. Normalcy can fool you into thinking that “this is what you will be doing for the rest of your life”. That this is all that life has to offer you for rest of your life. It’s time you started investing in yourself!

Life has so much more to offer.
I remember a time in my life where I  was just going through the motions. Not embracing anything new , just trying to support what I was already responsible for. Now that I have clarity, I get a surge of exhaustion just thinking about it.  I started reflecting and realized that some of the things in my routine were no longer important to where I was at the time, nor where I was headed. I began using my imagination and vowing to LIVE life, not just exist. One huge thing I did, I took a class in Florida that changed my life!  It was obvious that my vision was cloudy. I  then devised a system for my life to GET UNSTUCK. I knew I needed to invest in myself.

Guess what? This system I devised works for any one willing to apply it to their lives. Homemakers, hairstylist, small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs. The principles in this system just work. I’ve taught this system before at a leadership conference for business owners, clergymen and everyday people looking for their next level, I have now turned the system into an upgraded class and made it relevant for RIGHT NOW. The world is forever changes and it’s important that we can adjust and change as well. Old systems don’t always work in new seasons.

I’ll be incorporating this system as a bonus in my upcoming MIND YOUR BUSINESS POWER CLASS this October. This will help you jump-start your new year. Success is merely planned results.

Did this year look too much like last year for you?  Make a conscious decision to invest in YOURSELF. An investment that always pays you back!

Save the date for my next upcoming class. It’s never to late for a fresh start in life and business! October 25, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Express in Greenville, NC!

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Don’t just go through the motions. Began dreaming again. Live your best life.

Invest in yourself.

Life can be different!

From My experience To Yours, cropped

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people.., walking out this thing called LIFE!


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