I just read a post on social media that enclosed one of my favorite scriptures, “Write the vision make it plain.. Habakkuk 2:2”. As I began to think on it, I was reminded of how my mother began giving me a planner as early as I could remember, She was avid about writing things down. I must admit, it took me some years , well into my twenties, until I began to be consistent with writing things down and even longer before I realized the effects writing things down had on my delivery and action towards things that needed to be taken care of in my life. I notice that I was more efficient in finishing task and less likely to forget things.

Here are a few facts I’ve learned about writing things down:

~You gain a centralized focus when you are writing.

~Things become real when you write them on paper, They are no longer just floating in your head among dozens of other thoughts.

~Writing triggers brain cells that give a focal point to what you are writing. This increases your chances of completing task by 90%.

~Most successful people are in the habit of writing things down daily.

 ~Your ideas are important and easily remembered when written down. You may not always use your ideas today, but they are collective maps or directions for your supposed journey in life. Your thoughts are valuable to your success!

I urge you to make list, write your goals, ideas and desires. Things are much easier to achieve when you can see it. They become part of your vision.

Write your vision , make it plain. This is a sure way to begin getting connected to your vision.

I’m grateful to my mom for stressing to me to write things down, it has been pivotal in my life and career. I even devised a class I have taught to business owners, clergymen, leaders and everyday people called “Get Connected to Your Vision”, around this one simple but important success strategy!  In the Vision class, I show through a system I devised, why writing is important to your destiny! I know you have heard it before, that you should write things down, but trust me, it really works.

I opened my first successful salon business all from a vision and lists. Here is one of my many list from over 10 years ago.


Today, make a list of your vision.. what you have to do TODAY. It will be a great sound board for the truths behind writing things down. You’ll be motivated and empowered to complete other task!

 From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry,

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!



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