wpid-wp-1407000670549.jpegYour unique purpose is important! With all the things you are responsible for one would think you have enough going on to experience fulfillment.  Yet a yearning for something may still be present. You were created with a purpose, specific and unique to you. Your life journey is comprised of a series of events intended to connect you to your purpose. Clarity on your purpose will be your unique driving force in your daily life. It will connect all the intricate details to your journey. Connection to your purpose will improve your relationships and your outlook on life. It is the very thread to your being. When I notice people who have not yet connected to their purpose, I detect a restlessness and uncertainty in the way they go about life. This is definitely not a strike against them. Just an inner yearning called to make them aware of the imbalance that occurs when they are not fulfilling their purpose. A still small urgency to redirect path…to purpose. Today, take some time to focus on YOU. Just a few extra minutes for yourself. A nice stroll, tub bath instead of shower, a ride out in the car. Take a few extra minutes to consider YOU today. One of the greatest ways of connecting to your purpose is through reflecting. I know, everybody needs you, however, figuring out YOU is the best way to completely and wholly offer your best to those people and things you care about and love. Your unique individual purpose is important!

From my experience to yours, Tanya Wilson-Cherry Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life!cropped

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