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Are you waiting for the phone to ring? Hoping someone will call and ask for your services or products?

I remember sitting down with a marketing professional while owning my salon of 10 years. One distinct thing that stood out for me was when he said, “most people stop marketing when things are slow, when they actually need customers the most”. It really hit home for me. As I begin to study marketing, taking classes, and apply the understanding to my business I found a few things true.

#1 Every business needs an ongoing marketing plan.

#2 Most people cut their marketing budget first when things are slow and wonder why they aren’t getting new customers.

#3 Out of site out of mind! No matter how skilled you are, the greatest athletes, performers, businesses, and companies stay connected to the people they serve or wish to serve. It is almost natural for people to seek whats new, available and visual. Your company or business should seek positive exposure as much a possible.

I know, marketing can be costly! But with all the technology that is available in today’s times there are many ways to market your business and keep a continuous flow of consumers connected to and patronizing your business. Social media offers several ways to market your business for no money or very low cost.

Okay, so you say, “When do I find the time?” If you have room for more customers, surely you can squeeze 1 hour a day into marketing to consumers and growing your business. You can do it right from your home, on your own time schedule.

I can teach you how. I financed and produced my last event with dj, catering, building rental, printing of a marketing advertising book, tv sponsors, vendors, etc. all through social media. And, I spent no money out-of-pocket to market it or to put the show on. I used a system. I marketed through social media.

I would love to teach you that system at my next Power Class “Mind Your Business”. This is hands on. Bring your Laptops and Smartphones! If you don’t mind your business, then who will?

No more just waiting for IT to happen. Have a plan, a strategy, a goal. Be intentional. Decide now that next year will be different from this year. If you want to find ways to increase your business and expose the great services you offer you can register here. This is a power packed class! If you register now you can take advantage of the Early Bird Opportunity  !

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Success is simply planned results!

Marketing is a huge part of Minding Your Business!


From My Experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-CHerry

Business Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!

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