People aren’t as guilty of wasting their own time as they are of allowing other people to.   I took on a fascination with planning after years of avoiding my mom’s advice of writing things down in the […]
While consulting with a business owner the other day,  as we are discussing her ideal customer and target audience, she begins to tell me that her customers want to know they can access her anytime. While this is a […]
Looking for your Best life? You gotta Plan It! ~80% of success is in planning. The one thing we often forget to do. We come up with great ideas or dreams that only stay in our head and years go […]
Building integrity: Those resounding words of my mother continue to take a front seat the further I go in life. “Be on time, write down what you have to do, make a note of it, let me know […]


NOW is the time to redeem all the time that you feel you’ve lost. Certain times and seasons may have left you feeling that life just does not seem fair. Those failed relationships, ¬†businesses, and attempts you’ve had […]
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