Road blocks along the way of life are built into the cycle of life, but allowing people and situations to keep you from reaching your destiny is the equivalent of compromising your vision.
I’ve seen far too many instances where people are pursuing the things that connect them to their vision for their life, and are thrown off track because they allow the opinions of others to redirect their focus or change their plan all together. Listening to nay sayers and those who aren’t even sure of where it is they are,  just causes doubt and confusion. It compromises your vision. I like to call  things that compromise your vision, triggers.
During the early stages of my previous business, as a salon owner, I allowed staff to cause me to compromise my vision for my business by trying to accommodate everyone’s opinions and situations. My fear of losing staff, who I should have released to find their way, caused me to compromise my vision and have to recover from the stains it left on the company. I allowed some staff to do things that just didn’t fit my vision. I quickly learned, the hard way, that compromising the longevity and stability of the company (my vision) was not working and affected the business negatively. This is not to say that you avoid all new suggestions and ideas from your staff and some others along the way, however, you have to remind yourself of what your vision is and make sure agreeing to what’s happening or expressed by others will not compromise your vision.

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to remind staff of your vision and redirect them back to what keeps your company connected to the vision for the good of everyone.


There will also be people, things, and places that you’ll need to reevaluate in your personal life to make sure being connected to them is not causing you to compromise your vision (plan). Your relationships matter . People who are afraid of success in their own lives will likely be the ones to discredit your efforts and pursuit.

Some of the places you use to frequent may not adhere to what you need for where you are headed. And some of the things you use to do could be a waste of time and energy.

You need clarity on your vision, (what your desire for your life and business), so that you won’t get distracted and compromise your vision. Although you have a BIG future ahead of you..there are some people, places, ideas and activities that just won’t fit. Make up your mind about where you are headed and stay focused on it. Don’t compromise your vision! Disconnect from what does not connect to your vision. Sometimes its your own thoughts. You need a made up mind!


From My experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday  people walking out this thing called LIFE!



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