Contrary to popular belief a fresh start is not starting over.

It’s like a new morning full of new potential and opportunity.

A jump ahead into a new day full of possibility!

One where you push off the worries of yesterday and allow for amazing things to happen!

  • A Fresh Start means you’re taking what you have, the capacity that you’ve gained from years of doing and being, the lessons learned and the successes you’ve had, and putting a new spin on it. 
  • A Fresh Start is RENEWing your Mind and re-evaluating what you value in season. What you valued in your twenties is not always the same as what you value in your 30s. What you value in your 30s is not necessarily the same as what you value in your forties. It’s shifting things around in your business and life so they are in alignment with what you value in season.

Things you valued in the past may have been things your parents wanted you to place a high value on, things society would want you to put first. A fresh start is Renewing Your Mind and re-evaluating what YOU value in season.

  • A Fresh Start is giving yourself permission to embrace fresh perspective and change. I know you’ve always done it like this before, but what if you allow for some spontaneity, creativity, a little coloring outside of the line?
  • A Fresh Start is now linking your goals to what you truly value. When you don’t have your goals linked to what you truly value it seems hard, There is resistance. You’re exhausted when you even think about doing it. But babbbby, when you link your goals to what you value, the process of evolution, evolving, growing, expanding, becoming the person who can reach your goals is simpler. It’s more fulfilling. There’s a level of Grace and ease that comes with it, when your goals align with your values! That’s a Fresh Start!
  • A Fresh Start is Creating a Future Bigger Than Your Past, no matter how grand or great your past may have been. No matter how disappointing, hurtful, heartbreaking or shameful the past may have been, a fresh start allows you to take some of all that greatness and experience and package it differently. This requires YOU to expand and create a new vision.
    • The Vision I am referring to isn’t something you see with your natural eye but your mind’s eye. Your heart’s eye! Although you may not currently exist in that realm or space today, you can already imagine it happening for you. There is so much personal power in that!

Need A fresh Start?

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