This is a letter written in love… to you. I care about your life.

I’ve been through that phase in life where most of my conversation was about the things that I want, and what I dreamed of, what I hope to do, when I get the money. But when I really, really got serious, I made some sacrifices in my life. I stop saying I couldn’t afford certain things that I knew I needed to move forward. I took a good look at my finances, how I was living my life and what I was doing with my time . Getting serious was not an option anymore. Deciding to make some decisions about what was most important was no longer a thought… but a definitive choice.

I went without cable for years because I realize that there was not much to cable  that was going to move me to my next place in life.

Yes, no cable. You have to make some decisions, not excuses.

I saved close to 1200 dollars a year with no cable. I had more time and money to invest in the things that were important to my future. Because I made that sacrifice,  I found the ROKU system which allowed me to stream television programs with no monthly fee!  My sacrifice led to another solution! 

I’ve learned that the things I sacrifice for the good of my life and family ALWAYS lead to greater.  Those years of struggle were disheartening to know that I needed something to help me move forward, under $100 dollars, and couldn’t get it. The clothes in my closet, that last elaborate meal at a restaurant, that last social party I attended, non of that was moving me to higher heights.

Whenever you set your mind and your actions in the right direction you will be able to move forward with grace and the things you truly need are made available. What you give up for the good of a greater life will only be for a season. You have to see past your right now and find some sound direction for where you are going. You will not sacrifice forever, but you could be doing the same thing you are doing now forever… if you don’t get serious.

Years ago I totaled my SUV, at which time I had a huge decision to make. I hadn’t had a new car in years and the new car smell was calling my name. Do I get a new car and a new monthly payment, or do I get something that I can pay for in cash and use the money that I would use on a car payment , for things that were more important, to sow into my destiny and quality of life? I chose the latter.

I see people all the time with financial trouble for small things, unable to do things that take them to greater and I know if they start with what they have, make sacrifices and decisions, they would not have to turn down opportunities for greater because they can’t afford it. I know how it feels. I was once there. But once I got serious, decided that I was comfortable with who I was, didn’t need to impress anyone, I made the best decisions for my life.

What is really going on? The part that we feel no one knows, the parts that no one sees but YOU.

You  can get so caught up in your normal routine, your normal struggle and miss moments and opportunities because you are investing in the wrong things. Wrong investing, not just with your money, but also with your time. Is it enhancing where you want to go and what you need to get there?

What you spend your time and your money on is important to your future. If you are struggling  with your vision for your life/ business, that new pair of shoes or a new outfit, that is really more about impressing someone else other than yourself, will not benefit you more than what you could invest your money/time in that would take you to the destination in which you desire. Instead, could you spend that money on a class or event that will help increase your knowledge to increase your income or grow your business?

I say this with love:

You have to sit down and get really, really serious with yourself,  your finances, and your time. Is what you are investing in worth more than the type of life you ultimately want to live? Could you sacrifice something today that will get you closer to your destination,  your purpose, your vision, your dreams, and your goals?

The people you see who lifestyle you admire, whether it’s their business, marriage, family life or personal life, all made sacrifices to obtain those things or relationships. Success requires sacrifice and choices. When you get serious, you will  evaluate how you are spending your time. Some of the time  you spend watching TV is actually time you could spend investing in your business.(taking a class, reading about your class, developing personal self-improvement) Some of the time that you spend at every local  party or event is time that you can spend on your future. It does not mean that you will go without those things forever, but until you get to your destination, you need to get serious and make some sacrifices and some decisions. Figure out what your life or business is lacking , what would you like your life to look like? What’s needed, what is going to get you to your destination? Figure that out and DO THAT.  You don’t want to have regrets later in life because we weren’t willing to have a few years, months or days of delayed gratification! It will save you some tears and frustration in the long wrong. It’s only for a season!

With Love,

From My experience to yours!

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people…walking out this jewel called LIFE.



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