When you know someone’s heart it is easy to predict another person’s experience with them. Today I’d simply like to introduce you to my friend, a writer at heart, Mrs. Diane Taylor.diane new

Diane N. Taylor worked as a journalist in television, newspaper and radio for seven years prior to moving to North Carolina from Upstate New York in 2002 to begin her transition to public health. In 2005 she married her husband Garrett and began her career in substance abuse as a prevention manager. Her goal is to educate adults and children about the dangers associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and violence. Mrs. Taylor is an internationally Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant with a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism from Morgan State University in Baltimore and a Masters of Arts degree in English/ Technical and Professional Communications from East Carolina University. In 2013 Mrs. Taylor co-authored her first book A Game of Faith – The Story of Negro League Baseball Player Carl Long. Self-publishing her book was the catalyst for her latest venture as the CEO/Founder of Taylor Made Publishing. Following her calling and releasing fear has led her on an unbelievable journey. She currently has eight authors and nine titles she publishes. The Taylors are the proud parents of 5-year-old Morgan Elizabeth and 2-year-old Garrett McConnor. Mrs. Taylor shares her motherhood experience, on her blog “Chocolate Mother” at If you have a story to tell, let Diane and Taylor Made Publishing help  your dream, of writing YOUR book, become a reality. While you are at it,  if you know someone you feel is great, blog about them!  #FULLCIRCLE #ISEEYOURGREATNESS cropped From My experience To Yours,

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  1. […] Mrs. Diane Taylor, of TaylorMade Publishing, will be the guest speaker at my next class, ” A Vision For Your Life and Business.”  Her heart is for the people and she has a genuine passion to help others tell their story. Her entire entire publishing business is purpose driven. […]

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