wpid-sand-in-a-bottle.jpegNOW is the time to redeem all the time that you feel you’ve lost. Certain times and seasons may have left you feeling that life just does not seem fair. Those failed relationships,  businesses, and attempts you’ve had that may have gone under, were  preparing you for greater. You can redeem the time. Don’t let your age or your current situation be the reason you decide not to dream again, not to live again, not to do that thing on the inside of you that you feel pulling on your heart. You can redeem the time! You are not too old. It’s not too late.

Here are a few ways you can set out to redeem the time in YOUR life.

~Decide what’s priority in your life. Determine what’s most important. (What you are passionate about?)

~Set goals that work around what’s important to you. (Example: if family is important to you, set your goals around spending time with your family, and include or involve the family as often as possible along the way. You can join time with family in your business and activities. The advantage is connection and  also teaching younger members work ethic, responsibility, and teamwork . You can connect, growing, and learning together. Make calendar dates to spend time with family. It’s easy to say you are going to spend time with love ones , but unless you intentionally schedule it, life had a way of stealing that intentended time if it is not planned.

~ Make an assessment of how you spend your time daily.

Are there things that you need to cut back or remove all together, that are a waste of time. How much of your routine is adding to your life?  The TV shows you watch, do they inspire you to move forward on your passion, are they pushing you to actually work on your plan, or is it just entertainment. Everyone has the same amount of time each day. What you do with the time you have will make all the difference. Are you using the time you are given wisely?

~Protect your plan, passion and priorities.

Learn to say no. Keep your passion and priorities at the top of your list. Many things and opportunities will become available. If they don’t line up with your passion, plan and priorities don’t do it. Say no. It really is okay to say no.

~Learn to discern distractions.

Every opportunity, even if it is a good one, is not your obligation. Now that you have defined what your plans , priorities, and passions are you , can use that as a guide to measure if an opportunity is one that will help you move forward on what you have planned. Just because it’s good does not mean it’s for you!!

~ Your life was never designed to please EVERYONE.  For example, if you are married with children, your spouse and children come first everyday when making plans. Your plans should consider them first and then outsiders. This so critical. Often times we take care of everyone else and our own go lacking.  This will always cause a pull that will be draining and exhausting while pursuing your plans, passions, and priorities. It is the law of order and will cause conflict when attempting to function outside of it! Be okay with not being able to please everyone. Adapt a work-life balance. It is rare that you will make everyone you know happy. Starting at home will definitely set you in the right direction.

~Do an assessment of your association?

Do they add to your life? Are their conversations uplifting and enlightening for your pursuit or do you waste a lot of valuable time while in their company? Only you can truly answer that. Be willing to change what and who needs to change in your life. Your time is valuable. You can continue to do the same non productive things with the same people or fall back from them and own your time and use it wisely. Only you can truly get serious about redeeming the time!

If you work with diligence you can make up for the time you feel you lost. You have the power ! This is a map to redeem the time you feel you’ve lost. You are not too old. It’s too late.

You now  have tools to redeem the time you’ve lost on things that had nothing to do with your destiny! GO FOR IT!

From My Experience To Yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life!

Redeem the Time!


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