There will be a time or two, or three, in your business where you greatly sense something drastic has to happen differently.

You try ignoring it, pushing through it with the same strategies, but the feeling leaves you empty, unfulfilled and seemingly powerless unless you change directions.

Most people take this feeling or moments in time as a sign to give up, or begin having thought of doubt as it relates to their self-worth… “I’m just not good enough”, or maybe just decide that what they are experiencing is normal…. and they begin to settle.

I’ve come to believe that those times, when something seems to be pulling you one way or the other, down or up, are some of the most crucial, transitional, opportune times in your career. When you experience those uneasy feelings,  everything around it is actually calling you to Greater.

That’s when you have to change your perspective about the season you are in.

The atmosphere is preparing, molding, fixing, making available, and bringing awareness to what you need for greater.

It’s often God’s unrecognized gift!

Giving you a chance to create and build the best life you deserve.

 Maybe, just maybe, if you perceived that slow times in business a little different you would see major opportunities to expand and grow.

Slow times may not mean that your industry is going down or that the economy is bad.

It may mean there is something you need to shift, adjust, or do differently!

Think about it this way,

  • slow or uncomfortable times are specific divinely planned moments sent to give you the opportunity to reflect.
  •  Slow times are specific, planned, divine opportunities allowing you time to plan and strategize for greater.

Don’t miss those times being stressed and overwhelmed. Take full advantage of them.

If you feel you are in transition if you feel you are continuously going through a cycle of unfulfillment it is very likely you are on the cusp of the opportunity for The Shift!

Whether  that shift brings break-through in your life and business all depends on what you decide to sit down, reflect, and DO.

 Every bump, turn, disappointment, moment of chaos, feeling of uneasiness is inviting to experience the shift!

What do you need to reevaluate and plan differently in your life and business?  Take

advantage of life’s divine whispers to do it differently.  Fully Experience THE SHIFT!

From My Experience to Yours

Success on Purpose


Business Consultant to stars like you and everyday people experiencing this jewel called LIFE!


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