Some of the wealthiest people I’ve ever read about were found in the Bible. Much of what I have learned can be attributed to my relationship with God.That is definitely not to take away anything from my parents. Although my parents had me fairly young, they still managed to teach me many sound principles to stand on in life. I have had great mentors, examples, and educational teachers. But it has been “The Word of God, and my relationship with him that has given me a new perspective and a renewed mind on the principles that I have been led
to follow in my life/business.The word of God has been my greatest teacher.It has been a tool and a resource for my everyday life and definitely my business. So much, that I decided that as I learned more Godly wisdom, I would build all my businesses on Biblical principles.
I did a 30 day challenge last year to encourage people to expose the greatness in their lives(I believe everyone has greatness on the inside) and allowed participants to connect with me about different areas of their life that they wanted to improve. One participant wanted to improve their prayer life. I was so excited about the request for help and suggestions in this area. About 15 years ago I was taught that sharing my belief would ruin my business. But instead it has done just the opposite. I am blessed to share my source for success. I did a short clip sharing how I incorporated prayer and the Bible into my individual life.
I am an avid reader and have read many books, but the Bible has been the most sound, true reading that I have ever experienced. I realize that all wisdom originates from God’s wisdom. This clip has suggestions for improving your prayer life and changing your entire life. I pray that you gain a few nuggets.

From my experience to yours,
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life

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