I say all of this in love:
Please do me a favor, stop waiting on what you want to fall out of the sky. There is no magic genie to rub. It is going to require action.
I see and hear so many talk about faith and what they are going to do and have, and yet so few ever really do anything other than what they’ve always done.
Do you believe that you can sit home, do your normal routine in life, pray all day and just wait?
I’m sorry to inform you, that is not enough. Prayer will give you strength and speaking it helps to renew your mindset, but it is action (work) that gets the ball rolling and helps you to grow.
What we do without thinking daily are habits. As innocent as they may seem, if they are not yielding the results you want, you need to replace them with new ones. You take the same route to work everyday, you eat from the same restaurants, your social interactions are with the same people, and you are not open to doing things anyway other than how you’ve always done them. Creativity and new ideas are sparked from external interaction. You need to take action now , different from your normal, to continue growing.
Popping your own bubble may be just what you need. Fresh air, new ideas, new divine connects, and a new action plan. Clarity is recognized when you’re doing new things. You learn through activity.
Outside external connections are not likely to knock on your door, but a change in routine, scenery and even extracurricular activities will expose you to new doors.
You don’t have to climb Mt.Everest tomorrow, but you do need to take action today. You were created for greatness. Let’s Go! #TakeActionNow
From My Experience To Yours,
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE.

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