-Be willing to do it different!What could you do different in your business now so you can live greater later--It’s not too late!

One of the main things I’m noticing when Consulting with Service-Based Business Owners is this uneasy feeling they have about their age, or the number of years that they’ve been in the industry yet feel unaccomplished, or even some of the things they feel they may have failed at in the past. This weighs heavy on my heart because I understand it is very possible to experience burnout and lose hope about what you’re doing. It’s important to know that you can reinvent yourself. When I think back on my career, I have reinvented myself on several occasions within thr industry!

It’s important to know that you can reinvent yourself. When I think back on my career, I have reinvented myself on several occasions within the same industry!

Recently, I hosted my 3D Success Mentorship and Branding BootCamp and featured my mentor from the beauty industry to facilitate one of the weekly sessions. One thing she stated in the class that stood out for me was centered around reinvention. She actually talked about three very important principles for any entrepreneur or person who owns a business… Discovery, Branding, and Reinvention. The reinvention stage really connected with me because of what I’ve been hearing from several stylists who have been in the industry for 10 or 15 years who feel the industry may be something they need to just do away with.

When in actuality, they may just need to “rediscover and reinvent themselves”.

So, if you have been feeling as if it’s too late for you or the success you want to reach is never possible, I wanted to encourage you and share about five people you know, may have seen on TV, or in media and in the news, who actually came up on their “Big Moments” at the age of 40 or beyond.

  • If you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, you just hit the 30 mark, and feel like you haven’t quite achieved what you desire…all hope is not lost.
  • If you’re 40 or 50 years old and finding you just don’t know what to do in the industry you’re in…maybe reinvention is actually what you need.

Here are 6 people who made it big well after their forties:

Martha Stewart

Viola Davis

Vera Wang

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel Walton

Henry Ford

…just to name a few.

Each and every one of these well-known people were well into their forties, some even 50’s, before they had their “Big Moment”.

So, I want to encourage you on today that it’s not too late.

Maybe you just need to take a look at all the things that you’ve learned, the areas you can improve on, and do what my mentor suggested, “Reinvent Yourself”.

I did. Here is how my journey went! I went from college student to Beauty School student, to a salon assistant, to an employee at a salon, to a booth renter, plat form artist, educator, to a salon owner, and now to a Business Consultant for the beauty Industry! Each and every one of those stages required me to take lessons I learned prior, learn new things, and reinvent where I wanted to take my destiny.

 I’m here to encourage you that is definitely not too late.

What is it you really want to do?

There are many ways to take what you know, and not necessarily n start all over, but build from where you are and reinvent yourself.

Watch this Free 3 part video series. Get Pen and Paper and be sure to fully answer the questions!

From my experience to yours

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Beauty Business Consultant

Certified Life Coach

Tons tars like you and EVERYDAY people walking out this jewel called Life.


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