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Learn how to design your Salon Brand so that people want to come and do business with you, and the right team wants to work with you.. so you can profit…for real!

Looking to Rebrand  Your Salon Business, Opening a New Salon Soon and Want to know How to Carve Out Your Unique Space in the marketplace.

Want to run a Salon business that’s enjoyable to manage, attracts a great team, and allows you to Truly Profit…without having to Spend ALL your Time Behind The Chair!

This course is $997 for 10 weeks. The course starts Oct. 2nd, 2017.

A little over 1 week to register and reserve your space!


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Looking to Rebrand  Your Salon Business, Opening a New Salon Soon and Want to know How to Carve Out Your Unique Space in the marketplace


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Watch this video series on a few things to consider for your Salon Business as it relates to Brand, Build, Profit Master Session!


Brand Build Profit Intro Video

Brand Build Profit Master Session- Video 1



Brand Build Profit Video 2

Brand, Build, Profit Video 3

We’d Love to have you and help you Build The Salon Business You Love!


This Course is $997 for 10 weeks of strategy that will change your work flow and your profits in your salon when you apply them to your Salon Vision.

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3 Replies to “Brand Build Profit Application”

  1. I want to thank you for your time that you put in the free videos you put on Facebook the confirmation you have gave me thoughts that I had in my salon live in my home life that I can’t talk to family and friends about because they don’t own a business or don’t understand my vision half the time they think I’m crazy and need to sit down LOL I just know what I want and I’m not afraid to go after it I just want to move right I’m getting older and I just want to tell you I really appreciate it

    1. Kalika,
      I am so glad you are receiving value. It can be difficult sometimes for family and friends to understand an entrepreneur. However, in time they will. Success leaves clues. Keep pushing forward towards your dreams on the right things and it will continue to come to pass! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. It’s definitely encouraging. I appreciate you!

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