You Can Be A Great Hairstylist...and still need Help (1)It’s Possible to Be Great And Still Need Help!

I’ve been hosting a week long webinar with some amazing professionals in the beauty industry and one reoccurring theme for each expert is the fact that they did not do it alone. I think sometimes there is a misconception about being a SOLOPRENEUR that defeats us as entrepreneurs.

Our expert last night said< ” You don’t Know what you don’t know”

Where you are now is simply based on what YOU know.

Mentorship has been a reoccurring theme each night on the webinar as the experts shared their success stories and strategies. It was so in line with what caused a major shift in my career when I started as a Hairstylist behind the chair some 20+ years ago. I remember leaving a salon after working there a year, where I was really busy because I felt I could do it on my own.  Little did I know, I knew nothing about “the business of hair” I actually went from making close to $1,000 weekly( and that was my commissioned take home pay) to having my vehicle taken away.

Yeah! That was a hard reality. It wasn’t until I worked under my mentor in a super profitable salon( one of 9 she owned at the time) that I begin to learn “the business of hair!”

You Can Be a Great Hairstylist (1)

That understanding was seed for me to later open my own successful salon for 10 years and go from not being able to pay my car payment, to now purchasing my vehicles without financing, in cash! What hit me?. I only knew what I knew, and I simply didn’t know what I didn’t know. I was a “great” technical stylists( could SLAY some hair :), but I knew nothing about marketing, systems, and business strategies that would allow me to profit in my hairstylist career let alone run a salon with staff. renters, or employees. I learned that being mentored and being in an atmosphere where someone else had already gone the mile, my career shifted quickly. After working with my mentor. I went on to do platform work, become an educator, build a strong clientele, resulting in using 2 assistants, to opening my own successful salon for 10 years before taking on the endeavor to consult, coach and mentor other stylists in the industry like yourself. LONG STORY SHORT: I HAD HELP. I’ve learned that it doesn’t mean I’m not great just because I need help. Unfortunately, many hair stylists and salon owners simply aren’t realistic about where they really are in their hairstylist career and the need to seek help. I shared with the webinar attendees last night that something changed for me when it became important to not just look successful from the outside, but that what was going on behind the scenes matched what was perceived by the public. I share all of this with you because you could very well be in that very space where you have done ALL YOU KNOW. It’s possible to be great and still need help. I would love to help you! I have a community of Hairstylist and Salon Owners who took my “3D Success Mentorship and Branding Boot Camp- For Hairstylist and Salon Owners” Round 1, that are seeing incredible results from the strategies they learned and applied. Their clientele is steadily growing, they are making efforts in their business that multiply their effort, not just add! They are working smarter, not harder and really operating their hair stylist career and salon like a real business.  They are managing SYSTEMS, one of the things needed to have consistency and longevity in their business. Many of my Hairstylists and Salon Owner clients are booked all the time, opening new salons, buying commercial buildings and prospering because of their discipline and some simple strategies they’ve learned from Boot Camp! Our second round of Boot Camp starts in just a few days. If you know you don’t want the rest of this year or 2018 to look the same for your salon career make an investment in yourself and your business. You can take action now and save your seat today for only $49 and weekly reoccurring payments of only $62 for 8 weeks( the cost of eating out)!

It’s possible to be great and still need help! I’d love to help you profit for real in your salon business.

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