Women having boundaries is not about aggressively stating your demands, likes, and dislikes.It is about honoring your true nature of being able to continue in the divine plan God has for you . The one that’s filled with […]
SINGLE Single often gets a bad wrap. But single is such a precious time. It’s a time to become whole. A time to love on yourself and pamper yourself! A time to get to know YOU.  If you are single, embrace […]
    So many thoughts and so much heartfelt concern as I continue to watch Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston’s recent battles flood my news feed on Face Book. My first thought is prayer […]
Scroll to the bottom to purchase! Relationships help shape everything you do and experience! Many of my followers know that  my husband and I  reconciled our marriage after a 2.5 years of separation. We are now on our 11th year […]


Loving is such a powerful weapon against life’s flipped situations. The act of love is freeing in itself. You can offer love to the others without losing yourself.  This will help..don’t put more  energy into someone’s dreams or […]