With a culture that has become knowledgeable with information, right at their fingertips. With a generation who has become quick to take freedom to its ultimate limit. With few boundaries and a lack of genuine concern for others it is easy to perceive correction as a form of hate by those who are bombarded with the ways of the world.

Leaders and teachers are often walking a thin line of being considered or called mean or judging.

Business owners battle with giving instruction and correction, because of the sensitive employees who find it difficult to handle correction without offense. Being reduced to run businesses for which they dread to lead.

Parents being accused of being unloving because there is a constant need for correction.

Spouses being accused of complaining or nagging… because of a wayward spouse.

There is definitely a thin line between love and hate being placed in the minds of generations walking out life in today’s times.

Many chosen for leadership positions are stepping down  because of the pressure they endure in their attempts to bring clarity to those who are unaware, that fight them tooth and nail with self-righteousness and a lack of respect and honor for truth. And even stepping down because  their own wrong motives and personal agendas are back firing.

More time is needed, teaching about love and learning how to love. Our culture needs a clear understanding of what love really looks like. Most are loving and leading the best way they know how.

Time has to be given to teach more leaders and those being led what love looks like, to broaden that thin line between love and hate. Understanding that love and correction are a correlation to one another.

Our culture needs affective ways of delivering correction. Delivering correction affectively also makes a difference.

When authentic love is not present..it always leads to frustration and confusion.

Love and correction are not two items on total different ends of the spectrum.

But how their delivery does matter.

Let’s broaden the line between love and hate.

God’s love is the perfect example.

The understanding of love and a heart to love are revolutionary in everything we do.

To run an affective business, church ministry, to head a family, train children in the w

ay they should go, and have great relationships, authentically loving is needed. The one piece that can allow hate to slip across the line is if  love is not present.   LOVE is the missing link.

From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life.

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