In one day and out the next then back again comes from a mind that is not made up. This is such a dangerous place for whatever you set out to do. You become exhausted and tired by the entire process when your mind is not made up. You never fully commit!

Without full commitment you never received full results. This can mislead you into thinking that what you were doing just will not work.

Maybe its ¬†something that you’re doing at home, a new attempt for your business , and even your marriage. Whenever you have not fully committed, with a made up and determined mind to see the greatest result, you’ll buckle at the sight of pressure. You’ll easily lose focused and go into a defeatist¬†mode when things that don’t go exactly the way you would like. The thought of quitting will live to close to the thought of winning.

Many businesses, projects or ideas, and marriages/relationships fail because of a minds that were not made up. A scale judged by partial commitment from a mind not made up…. will always yield unfair results.

So, before you stop, quit, or change your mind, ask yourself two questions.

Did I ever make up my complete mind to do this?

Was I fully committed?

DO I really believe?

Have complete faith!

From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people experiencing this thing called LIFE.


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