5 Things that affect your ability to LEVEL UP!

If you’re reading this, the words LEVEL UP are probably not new to you at all.

It is a catch phrase that is common throughout many social media platforms.
Music artists are even developing their songs around the words LEVEL UP!
Leveling up is normally centered around going to the next level.
But how does it happen?
This can be different for different people.

  • Some are birthed in an environment where people are intentionally operating at the highest version of themselves. Always intent on being their best self and it’s just normal.
  • Some just happen to be in the right environment where they saw something or someone they admired that sparked their desire to do things differently.
  • Some embrace their next level because they simply got tired of the results they were getting in their lives and decided they were going to do something different! 
  • Others began the process of next level by their spiritual awareness. Where they truly began to understand their birthright of abundance.

Whatever the case may be, I’m willing to bet all 5 of the things I mention below had a great impact on the ease of obtaining their portion of NEXT LEVEL.


Firstly, each month I pick a topic for the month and this months topic is

“Operating at The Highest Version of Yourself”

…and much of leveling up is just that.



So I thought I’d take a moment to talk about some of the things that affect your ability to level up.

  1. Vision

Now I talk about this often but today maybe it will shed new light. One of the major things that affect your ability to measure up is having a vision. One of the collective trends I’ve noticed as working with hair stylist and salon owners is that many are unclear on specifics of where it is they really want the fullness of their salon career or salon business to head( their vision). There are also salon professionals who don’t have one.
That was me years ago early in my career. I actually just wanted to do a lot of hair and make a lot of money with no clear path of where I actually wanted that to lead me. This was a consistent flow of only doing clients but not necessarily getting to a new level. It wasn’t until I got clear on where I wanted the skill set that I had acquired and the business that I was building to actually take me. Like long-term, 5 years later even 20 years later.

I got a clear vision!
If you’re just doing hair and only wanting to get more clients and do more hair that will be the consistent theme of your time in the industry even when you desire more! Having a vision is going to be one of the major factors of you leveling up. It will guide what you do daily, push you to stretch and grow, and ultimately help you create a salon career and lifestyle you love!

2-Your Perception of Yourself
“How On Earth does how I see myself affect my ability to level up?”
Now, you know I have an example for you.  🙂 One that I really want you to take a moment to process and see if you’ve been doing in your own situation!
If you don’t have the proper perception of yourself you will build a salon career that you don’t love, where you feel cheated, slighted, and unworthy of your next level.
Imagine you’re facing a little lack or uncertainty in your life. During these times you recognize you run more sales in your business, everything is always “going to be on sale”. It’s kind of like you subconsciously say. “If I make it cheap… I can get more butts in seats.”
Which is rarely true.

You ultimately end up feeling

and struggle to get some of those same customers to pay you when there is no longer a sale! (It kinda becomes your BRAND in the marketplace) unless that’s the goal!
You even begin feeling the client can’t afford the true value of your services.
What’s actually happening is you are transferring what YOU FEEL YOU CAN AFFORD!

You’re transferring that onto the customers that you serve.

You’re letting it roll throughout how you build your business.

Subconsciously you’re saying,

“My client can’t afford a $200 service because you can’t see yourself paying that in your current situation. 
The important thing to understand here is not to build your business based on what you can afford in the season! It’s important to have an abundance mindset where you are basing your service prices on the value of the service and not what you feel you can afford at this time. This is a huge reason I teach heavily on your mindset, your spirituality, and your personal development. They are all so important because we build how we feel.
So your perception of yourself and what’s going on in your life is going to be how you build your business. Build your business based on the value you provide to your customers.

You also have to understand just how valuable you and your services are.

Not knowing this will keep you from leveling up.
When you shift how you see yourself, the higher version of yourself will out-speak that lower version of you and see the need to level up… in every area of your salon business and life!

It will always tell you to go and get what you deserve!

  • Take the Higher Road!
  • Spend time affirming yourself!
  • Spend time confirming your vision!

And if you don’t have one, make that priority to get one!

3-Spending the majority of time doing things that are good.. but not great.

Distractions don’t necessarily distract you because they’re easily recognized as bad. Normally distractions are able to do their job because they are seemingly good.
Oftentimes, many salon professionals spend a lot of time investing in things that are good but not things that are great for their personal career. Not things that align fully with where it is they desire to go and who it is they desire to become. Spending time on things that aren’t horrible at all but they aren’t great for your long-term goals can gravely affect you getting to the next level
Good is the enemy of great.
You have things on your list of things to do that would fully align you with getting to your next level for your career. But your phone rings.
Three to four times throughout the day. It’s all of your good girlfriends. It’s people you care about having a conversation with. Not about anything overly serious. Just chit-chatting.
But at the given time, because you have specific things that you need to be done by certain times, it’s not the greatest option for you to choose at that moment. But, you do it anyway and spend 2-4 hours in conversation pushing your alignment list to the back burner… yet again.


Maybe you belong to a committee or organization that you’ve been a part of for years. But you’ve grown and evolved and the organization no longer serves you.
It’s a great organization, but it simply doesn’t align anymore with where you are heading!
But… you stay connected, spending hours, and weekends each month with obligations to the committee or club.
Let it go.

Give someone else the space to fulfill.

Pass the torch and consider things that align more fully with where you are heading!
You are not a bad person for growing on to greater! Your desire and the highest version of you would choose to align and implement things necessary for your next level and schedule time for those good conversations later.

Don’t let good be the enemy of great!

 4 Your environment

Your environment has to be conducive to where you want to go! We are creatures of habit and some of the environments we finagle in are simply based on what we’ve always done and where we’ve always gone.
You no longer Vibe with the environment.
You no longer feel comfortable with the conversations in the environment, but still, continue to go.

Choosing can seem hard.

It’s what you’ve always done, with the people you’ve always done it with. Changing it can be uncomfortable! You are afraid of people feeling as though you think you are better than them, what they are going to think. Your destiny will require you to dislodge from environments that no longer serve who you are or who you desire to become.

Your environment is so important.

Things you see, what you hear, and how you feel, all three of those components are huge as it relates to leveling up and are affected by your environment! If the picture you see is always the same

if it doesn’t stretch you

If it doesn’t make your heart desire what’s at the next level… chances are great that you need a change in environment.

I always encourage my clients to intentionally go to environments that remind them of their next level, sit at the table with people who want things similar to you, if not greater.

Your environment affects your ability to level up!
5- Your conversations
Not just the conversations you’re willing to have, but the conversations you’re willing to entertain I’ve seen some of the same people on social media, 1 year complaining( the snooze option is a great thing) about the same type of people in their lives, people that disappoint them, people that use them, people that hurt them. After a while, you wonder why they continue to entertain them!

You definitely get to choose the conversations that you allow. Ultimately what is being poured into you, what is allowed in your ear gate is what will come out.
For me, it was huge when I understood just how important what I was listening to was as it related to my next level.

If we are always having conversations or involvement with people who suck our energy dry, how do you find the energy needed for the next level?

What you continue to listen to and converse about will continue to be your reality! You need conversations that influence you to greater, affirm you, inform you, enlighten you about LEVELING UP!

You will consistently attract what you focus on the most!
There are so many things we may overlook that affect our ability to get to the next level!

I had a conversation where I go a little deeper about this in a video training.

(Click to see it)

Until next week, look at the 5 areas we discussed and make sure yours align with YOUR NEXT LEVEL!

They all affect your ability to LEVEL UP!

If you are ready to LEVEL UP in your Salon Career and Life we can hop on a call. Click to schedule complimentary time for us to speak. Click the SOAR CALL!
Success on Purpose,



Are you retailing… or leaving money on the table?

 Are you leaving money on the table?

One thing I focus on first when Consulting and coaching with hair stylist and salon owners is to figure out what’s already in their hands.

Retail is often 1 of them!

It may be something you may have overlooked or even attempted to do before and stopped. Maybe you didn’t see the results, or you kind of forgot about it, or you just didn’t have a strategy to make it PROFITABLE

It became one of those things that you don’t think about or it crosses your mind, but you don’t put it in practice!

You may even have products on your shelf now that are collecting dust…

If you are a salon owner who’s looking to become more of a Visionary of your place, developing a strategy for retail can actually help you eliminate some of the time you spend Behind the Chair.

As a stylist, you can pay your Salon Suite rent, or Boothrent without spinning the chair …and you can do it with the retail that you normally let sit on your shelves.

One of the most overlooked second streams of income is retailing.

Normally in the industry when salon professionals want to make more money they feel they have to result to spinning the chair more, and more, and more.

Even with that being the given thought process, many hair stylists are looking for ways to level up their income, but they don’t necessarily want to have to stay in the salon 12 to 14 hours a day. And for some 7 days weekly even on days they originally wanted off!

One of the greatest ways to begin earning some of the desired income is retailing.


As a licensed cosmetologist of 24+ years and former salon owner of 10 years( although I now consult with the industry full time), I know how the busyness of doing hair can overcrowd everything. You sometimes forget that you have products on the shelf. You get in the busy flow of taking another client or getting another customer in and out of the salon and overlook one of the easiest revenue streams available to us.


When I ask a new coaching client if they retail the answer is similar across the board. No stylist wants to ever feel like they are constantly trying to sell something to their clients. I get it!

You are probably saying, as it relates to your client, “She is already giving me $100 for her service today. She probably can’t even afford it. So I’m not even going to mention retail to her, even though I know it’s going to help her maintain the Integrity of her hair or the service that I provide it.”

Sound familiar. (that little voice in your head)

Business 101.. never try to count the customer’s money and never use your own situation to judge that of the consumer!

You have to be so careful when you’re thinking about building your business and pricing your services. If you find yourself in a space where you may be facing lack,  that same mindset can roll over to every other area of your business. If you are experiencing some lack in your own life, in your mind when you say, “They probably can’t afford it”, What you’re really doing is basing your business on what you can afford at the time. So be careful with your own personal thoughts, presumptions, and fears.

This is one of the reasons I say, “We build our business based on how we feel.”

If you are facing lack, it’s important for you to get into a space of abundance mentally, so that even if your current reality may be different from where you desire to go, you’re still able to strategically build your way out of that situation without letting your situation affect your daily processes.

Many salon professionals count their client’s pocketbook.

Consider this, even if they aren’t purchasing products from you they are getting them from somewhere!

Studies show that the average consumer has 1-4 retail products underneath their bathroom cabinet at any given time. In today’s times, especially with the natural hair community, it can be a whole cabinet solely dedicated to products that they’ve bought and purchased from different places as they’re trying to figure out what works for their hair. (BUT NOT FROM YOU)

So, if you aren’t retailing, they’re getting products from somewhere.

They are seeing infomercials

They’re watching them on television

They’re constantly being bombarded by ads on Facebook.

I promise you, they are purchasing retail products somewhere. Why Shouldn’t It Be You?

The Stylist

The licensed professional

The one who can actually tell them which products would be best for their hair. You can help them either maintain what you created or with their maintenance efforts in between visits with you.

If you don’t become the authority figure in their life about their hair, about what products are good for them, you are actually doing your client a disservice. Retail has so many benefits. Not just to earn more income in your business.


 Do you have products now that are sitting on your shelf? What would it mean to you if you were able to pay your salon rent, salon suite rent, your booth rent, or even your mortgage at your salon with retail?


Earning more and working smarter in your business is not about doing 50 different things, but actually maximizing from what you already have available and accessible to you now. That’s where you start!

Salon professionals are attempting to spread themselves so thin and do so many things without looking at the possibility of maximizing the things that are right in our hands!

With retailing, it’s not about selling. You’re already using the products constantly, getting great results, and you know the benefits well. It’s simply not about selling. You can start by purchasing a few retail products you currently use and love (3 pieces each to start even) a few at a time.

I have a client who took my “Retail and Profit” course who in 30 days went from a place where she had not been retailing and made 657 extra dollar$ in a 30-day time frame. She hadn’t even fully applied all the strategies I taught in the course.  If you’re thinking you can’t, retailing is very doable and profitable!

Maybe you say $657 is not a lot of money. Well, let’s think about it! It may be your booth rent. For some. it’s your car payment and insurance, it may be your utility bill and telephone bill at the salon. Start thinking from a space of bringing in $700 with very little effort. That’s just the beginning… with consistency.  I also have a client who took the retail and profit course who made $700 in retail in 1 week.

After a while, it should simply become a part of your daily practice and business model. There are just so many benefits to retailing properly to your guests and having a strategy for it in your salon business

Here are a few benefits to retailing:

  • Retailing is another stream of Revenue.

For some, when they hear “another stream of revenue” they think, I wash cars, I bake cakes, I do hair, etc. They think it’s five different separate jobs. But multiple streams of revenue is revenue that was created from one foundational source. Your salon industry career is a huge foundation to branch out and do many different things from that all collectively extend from that one source.

EX. One body of water, the ocean, reaches out to form a lake, or stream, or a river.

 You get it?

They flow somewhat effortlessly!

All those bodies of water extend from the one larger body of water.

  • Retail helps you maintain customers.

Now I know plenty of stylists who have no problem getting customers. They are constantly getting new customers, but maintaining those customers, that’s a different story! The struggle is the constant need to chase more customers. Retail helps with retention. Retention is your ability to maintain or retain the customers. If you’re in a space of only chasing clients, 9 times out of 10 your retention rate is really low. That means that the number of times that a client consistently comes to visit you after their first visit is low. A factor that helps you do that( maintain the customers) is retail. You’re the place they can come and get everything. It creates a space of loyalty. They refer other people. It’s a client attraction system.

If you aren’t retailing, you’re missing a huge aspect that will help you build your business in more than one way.

  • Retail puts you in the position of the expert.

Only a person of authority can suggest products that actually work for consumers. You have unlicensed stylist everywhere who suggest products to clients that are not maintaining the Integrity of their hair. The wrong products are simply like a Band-Aid, not the solution. The real solution would be you as the licensed professional referring products you know work. This leaves an even happier customer who views you as the expert. Establish yourself as the professional. You’re the person that your clients can go to for all of their hair care needs.


I challenge you now to rethink that retail that’s sitting on your shelf! Are you leaving money on the table? Consider developing a retail strategy that becomes another source of revenue you can rely on!

P.S. If you’d like to know the one thing that actually helps to translate your retail strategy much easier, I teach it inside my Retail and Profit Course where you can get more insight on creating a retail strategy that’s profitable and how to retail to your customers without feeling sale(zy).

You can also take advantage of several other business and marketing training courses inside “The Mind Your Business Beauty Camp” membership site. The “Retail and Profit Course” is just one of many of the business building and marketing training for hairstylist and salon owners inside of the membership site.

For less than the cost of a great dinner eating out you can access the Retail and Profit Course today!

Click here to join: The Mind Your Business Beauty Camp Memberships SIte!


Retail becomes another stream of income and a strategy that allows you to replace some of the time behind the chair, provide educational opportunities for your staff, or pay your booth rent or salon suite rent… without spinning the chair!

You can get creative with your retail strategy!

Don’t overlook what you can provide for your guest and your salon business by retailing!

It’s powerful and easy to start!

Success on Purpose


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Disconnect to Reconnect

How often do you shut it all down, turn off the TV, turn off the routine, put the phones down, turn off all of the external things that stimulate you and dictate your drive… your thinking?

I took this picture a few weeks ago when I was out to eat with a friend of mine and our daughters!



You have to know my back story about phones and children.

It’s been the hardest thing for me to align and agree with in this technology-based world.

However, I  gave into the convincing my daughter did with her father and grandmother.( who in turned double-teamed me 🙂

So still to my uncomfortableness, she has phone under very limited terms and I am still not a stickler for children with phones at certain ages.

 Anyway, I digress from that because I can make the entire blog post support my thoughts on children and phones! LOL!

So, as we sat down to eat, I noticed everyone had their phone. My first thoughts were, “If everyone is on the phone, how do we connect?”

So I made a suggestion and this is where the phones ended up! On the table!

We went to eat to enjoy each other, to catch up, to converse, to really see about the individuals we were spending time with.

I ran across the picture today and thought that’d be a great blog post to share with you.

How often do we turn it all off and just sit and become aware?

So often we’re in our routine of life and no matter what it is that we desire, even if it’s right in front of us, because of our busyness, it sometimes passes us by.

Regardless of what your desires are for your salon career and life, sometimes the constant thoughts that you have, that can be fear based or small thinking,  override everything our heart’s desire… Without even noticing!

It’s not until we get to the place where we find time consistently to shut everything off and ask ourselves,

“Is this what I desire the rest of my salon career, my business, my relationships, and life to look like? Am I doing things that collectively bring me fulfillment and meet my true heartfelt goals!”

It is only then, when we take time to reflect and ask the RIGHT questions, in our quiet space, that we can think with full clarity!

Is what I’m doing working, am I happy, fulfilled, is my business growing, are my relationships healthy, am I  heading towards creating a lifestyle I truly love,etc.?

The time you take to disconnect from everyone else’s story on social media. the way everyone else is running their business, everyone else’s opinions, and truths, is when you can align fully with your own.

In that space, you can actually decide to connect with what matters the most, TO YOU!

It’s a place of fresh perspective!

Decide clearly how you want it to be! (Your life and business)

This is the place where you begin taking full responsibility for your thoughts.

 After all, thoughts become things!

They dictate much of what happens and transpires in our biz and life!

It’s so easy to be in a routine, where your true goals and desires are mere words you don’t align with, simply because you don’t break the routine, because you don’t take time to disconnect to reconnect.

It’s always during my disconnect times that I get my AHA to re-shift in my business, that I get my aha’s about parenting differently or loving differently or even warnings about the need for new information or a shift in order to continue on with my desired goals!

During my disconnect times, I am able to be present, with my own thoughts, what’s REALLY transpiring in my life and biz, what I want to do, be and have, and what I desire the rest of my salon career and my business to look like.

I shut everything down! 

I shut down all of my responsibilities to answer the questions about what I truly, truly desire… and then I make a commitment ( to myself) to aligning with the directions or actions that will take me there!

 Set out an amount of time daily to this.

Be consistent with it.

You’ll find that the bigger your goals and dreams are the more time you’ll need to spend thinking” and being!

This will allow you to create an even more EXCEPTIONAL life an business without allowing distractions to take you too far off course of your hearts desires!

 Do you take time to disconnect so you can reconnect with what you truly desire?

Action Step/ Challenge:

  •  I challenge you to set a time daily to disconnect.
  •  Over the next 30 days, practice this.
  • Be aware of where you are on a journey, what’s important to you and how you need to continue aligning or possibly re-shift!
  • Take time to be in the moment with everything and everyone you embrace and see how it matches where you truly desire to head!

 Success on Purpose



Ironically, as I was writing this blog post, I heard a presenter mention the word SHAQAT. 

  • It is a Hebrew word meaning to be quiet, be tranquil, be at peace, be quiet, rest, lie still, be undisturbed! ~Selah

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Your Brand!

We hear it all the time, the ever so popular word “BRAND.”

There are many components to understanding what your brand is concerning your business. The best way I can sum it up is the idea, thoughts, and description consumers get or give when they hear or discuss your name or the name of your business. Of course, things like your logo, colors, or even a small phrase you say when speaking about your business are all parts of your BRAND.  But, if I had to sum it up, ultimately, YOU are your brand!

Here are a few tips and things to remember when you are thinking about your brand:

  • Establish your priorities and your standards early- They will help you make wise decisions that you and your brand can live with! Every good opportunity is not a great opportunity for you( and YOUR BRAND)
  • New opportunities are available everywhere… sometimes you have to create them.
  •  Your connections and opportunities should match how you want to represent YOUR BRAND.
  •  Because you are your business, your emotions can’t always come along with the decisions you make. People Have to Know, Like, And Trust YOU! You are branding your business EVERY DAY.
  • Never make decisions when angry or desperate when it relates to your business.  A decision today can affect the tomorrow of your business. The way you conduct business is part of your brand. (The feeling or thoughts people have when they hear or mention your name)
  • Have outlets for accountability, forward thinking, and reflecting on your business…. and keep your WHY in front of you!
  • Someone is always watching and forming opinions on whether or not to do business with you! Especially on social media!
  • Your level of awareness will affect your level of success! Walk in awareness all the time. Remember you are organically creating your brand! (Intentionally or Not)
  • Do the work! Do the things that will intentionally place you in front of your ideal customers. Market Your Business often and properly!
  • “Self Care” a huge part of success. #Youmatter! This is one many hairstylist and entrepreneurs over- look. After all, who has time to take care of themselves when they are trying to build a business, right? Many hairstylist, salon owners, and entrepreneurs are giving from a place of depletion and wondering why they aren’t attracting customers. YOU MUST include time for self- care.

YOU MUST include time for self- care.  You will gain the best customers and grow your business faster when you are operating from a great space where you are taking care of your- self!


Look at each aspect listed above as it aligns to your business. Creating the best case scenario in each point given will develop a brand that you and people truly desire!

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From my experience to yours

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Beauty Business Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life!


Together Everyone Achieves More


I’ve recently launched a new platform for the beauty industry. The beauty industry is definitely where all of my humble beginnings started. It is an industry I love. Mainly because it’s such a creative industry, and it closely involves people. I absolutely love people and being connected.

The majority of  my experiences and training started in the  beauty industry. In the western culture, most everyone from the age 2 and above has or will visit a salon or barbershop through- out their lifetime. Fortune 500 business deals are because of connections made with someone who knows someone at the salon or barbershop. I have recently introduced a platform I developed for the beauty industry called ” The T.E.A.M.”.

 I believe, “Together Everyone Achieves More. The T.E.A.M is The True Entrepreneur Accelerated Movement that’s a platform for beauty industry professionals to connect, gain exposure and information to help propel their careers to the next level, and create revenue while they sleep. The T.E.A.M  will interview stylist, barbers, make-up artist, salon owners, and nail technicians from around the world, showcasing their talents and gifts for the world to see.

interview add2

It’s an honor to announce In the upcoming weeks we will interview this innovated fellow member of the beauty industry,

Monica B. stay connected to see her interview!Monica B


Monica’s passionate work as hairstylist and educator has gained her global success. She has styled hair from coast to coast, assisted in product development, while always advising clients on less toxic product choices. You can also catch Monica back stage styling wigs for Broadway shows on the West and the East coast in NYC or working with Pace University Actor Studio Drama School students designing hair and make-up for productions.

After 20+ plus years in the salon industry Monica intertwined her environmental philosophy into B.Out the Blow Dry Bar, a full service ECO salon.

Monica is the founder of Fini’Me Green, finimegreen.com where she is an eco-consultant, educator and branding coach. She is an accredited Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Indoor Air Quality Specialist (IAQS), North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), Building Performance Institute (BPI), and certified in sustainable landscaping. She is also a LEED Accredited Professional in Innovation in Design Construction (AP ID+C) and a member of Broadway Green Alliance. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle exemplifies in all her business endeavors.

You can connect with Monica on the following social media sites!  

finimegreen.comMonica B finime gree ologFinimegreen Social Networks

insta gram icon @finimegreen  facebook icon https://www.facebook.com/finimegreen 

twitter icon twitter.com/finimegreen boutblowdrybar.com

boutblowdrybar.commonica b logoSocial Networks

twitter iconTwitter.com/boutblowdrybar insta gram icon @boutblowdrybar

thVOLESG9Q @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/monicabe monicabebarrette.nyc


Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant/Founder of  “The T.E.A.M”

Stay Connected to The T.E.A.M. We create exposure and opportunities for beauty industry professionals that create revenue while you sleep!


Together Everyone Achieves More!




























Find Your Niche, Stay in Your Lane, and Draw people to you!



lanesIn 2003, when there were no other salons in my area with websites, I buckled down and built a website for my salon. Soon after, other salons in the area followed. I studied  search engine optimization and the different tricks and strategies to get visibility to our site. I built my own website with no template and stayed on the top search for google. However, building websites was not my niche.
Those who find their niche and specialize in it own the greatest success stories. Most people have several talents and abilities(things they can do) but  are gifted and good at specific things.

Often times business owners and entrepreneurs are visionaries. Visionaries are creative people, with a lot of great ideas. Unfortunately, the downfall for many visionaries is trying to carry out all of those ideas at one time, or by themselves with no help.

It’s important to find out what you are good at and spend consistent energy getting really great at that one thing. FIND YOUR NICHE. Your niche will speak to a specific set of people. It will answer or solve an issue that a specific group of people have. This is your advantage point in marketing. Instead of marketing to a bunch of people who have no need for your services, you will be known for specifics. Although many people may need all the great ideas you have, most only recognize a few specific issues they have at a time. This is how you make your mark. Finding your niche will also keep YOU focused.
As a licensed cosmetologist and a visionary, I had ideas out of the wadzooka. It was not until I learned that maintaining healthy hair was what I was good at, that I was able to gain a focus in my business as a stylist, a focus that was fulfilling for those who needed me. Finding my niche helped me to speak directly to their need and I didn’t have to fight to get them to understand. Consumers wanting healthy hair recognized that I could help them and were drawn to me.
Even now as a Business Consultant and Certified Life Coach, I still have to remind myself  to stay in my niche. ( The area I dominate in, the area I know very well- The Beauty Industry.)  Yes, I am contacted for many opportunities to speak and teach from many other arenas; Colleges, Schools, Churches, Empowerment Sessions, Community Organizations on several different subjects, you name it. But, I am reminded that the right people find me when I am working at my highest good in the area I’m good at.
Finding your niche will help you in any business. It helps you set a target market and a gives you direction for your business..and your brain :).
Finding your niche doesn’t mean you can’t offer other services in your business, but it will give you an edge in your arena and help to draw the perfect clients and business opportunities to you.

Take time to write out what you are good at and enjoy doing in your field . Research it, learn more (set your self apart for that centralized focus in your business), master it, and find those that need what you have to offer.
There will be opportunities in your business that allow you to explore your other ideas after you master what you are great at.

  • Find your niche,
  • Set your self apart,
  • Gain a centralized focus


  • Attract the right customers.

This is business made easy… by finding your niche!

What are you good at within your industry? Who needs what you have to offer?
From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Beauty Business Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE#Iseeyourgreatness



I need more money… Balling on a budget!

Stack Of CashmoneyMost businesses that fail say things like, “ I could not find good staff, the economy was terrible, I didn’t have enough money.” All of those seem like logical reasons why a business would fail.

While listening to life coach Tony Robbins, he made a profound statement that made me do some hard thinking. What he said went a little something like this, “Businesses and situations don’t fail because of a lack of resources, but because of a lack of resourcefulness.”
Watch this clip I did on resourcefulness:
I was compelled to reflect about my business. I went back through my financial statements and thought about my drive and personal response during the more successful times of my business, in comparison to the times when I felt like closing the doors. And sure enough, I was exhausting more resources that were available to me when things were going well, I was diversified in my marketing efforts, staying informed, attending more classes, seminars, and workshops, and putting forth more effort. The times that I was not as profitable, I had become stagnant and complacent. I was not in pursuit of new ventures and systems. I had slowed down my efforts.

Your lack of money is no reason to ball on a budget. Granted , there are times when circumstances will have an effect on your business . Those are the times you have to do more. You have to come out of your stupor and put some action to all the things you’ve learned while surfing the internet and reading books. Your best effort is never recognized until you try.

You have to get out, get informed, and get noticed. Your current circle of influence is where your limitations end and begin. No more “balling on a budget”. If you need more money, be more resourceful! There is a big world out there, with people just waiting for your service.

Lack in any area is simply a lack of information and often effort.

You don’t have a resource problem, you have a resourcefulness problem.

Do more! You deserve more. #Iseeyourgreatness!

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to businesses and stars like you, walking out this jewel called LIFE,

Let’s Bring This Thing Full Circle!

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Tanya Wilson Cherry-Learn how to love without losing

Loving is such a powerful weapon against life’s flipped situations. The act of love is freeing in itself. You can offer love to the others without losing yourself.  This will help..don’t put more  energy into someone’s dreams or life than they are! Instead, love them enough to pray for them. Love YOU enough to preserve your energy and time for what matters most and will help you to grow. You will  need something left to  purposely give away. God desires you to be WHOLE for your journey. .Know the difference. Sometimes God wants you to serve through prayer! We often cut our lives off to love. Pray for the difficult and angry, but  don’t let your attempts to save them consume you if they are not ready to be saved. You have greatness to walk out!
Tanya Wilson Cherry
Consultant to stars like you!