We hear it all the time, the ever so popular word “BRAND.”

There are many components to understanding what your brand is concerning your business. The best way I can sum it up is the idea, thoughts, and description consumers get or give when they hear or discuss your name or the name of your business. Of course, things like your logo, colors, or even a small phrase you say when speaking about your business are all parts of your BRAND.  But, if I had to sum it up, ultimately, YOU are your brand!

Here are a few tips and things to remember when you are thinking about your brand:

  • Establish your priorities and your standards early- They will help you make wise decisions that you and your brand can live with! Every good opportunity is not a great opportunity for you( and YOUR BRAND)
  • New opportunities are available everywhere… sometimes you have to create them.
  •  Your connections and opportunities should match how you want to represent YOUR BRAND.
  •  Because you are your business, your emotions can’t always come along with the decisions you make. People Have to Know, Like, And Trust YOU! You are branding your business EVERY DAY.
  • Never make decisions when angry or desperate when it relates to your business.  A decision today can affect the tomorrow of your business. The way you conduct business is part of your brand. (The feeling or thoughts people have when they hear or mention your name)
  • Have outlets for accountability, forward thinking, and reflecting on your business…. and keep your WHY in front of you!
  • Someone is always watching and forming opinions on whether or not to do business with you! Especially on social media!
  • Your level of awareness will affect your level of success! Walk in awareness all the time. Remember you are organically creating your brand! (Intentionally or Not)
  • Do the work! Do the things that will intentionally place you in front of your ideal customers. Market Your Business often and properly!
  • “Self Care” a huge part of success. #Youmatter! This is one many hairstylist and entrepreneurs over- look. After all, who has time to take care of themselves when they are trying to build a business, right? Many hairstylist, salon owners, and entrepreneurs are giving from a place of depletion and wondering why they aren’t attracting customers. YOU MUST include time for self- care.

YOU MUST include time for self- care.  You will gain the best customers and grow your business faster when you are operating from a great space where you are taking care of your- self!


Look at each aspect listed above as it aligns to your business. Creating the best case scenario in each point given will develop a brand that you and people truly desire!

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From my experience to yours

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Beauty Business Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life!


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