lanesIn 2003, when there were no other salons in my area with websites, I buckled down and built a website for my salon. Soon after, other salons in the area followed. I studied  search engine optimization and the different tricks and strategies to get visibility to our site. I built my own website with no template and stayed on the top search for google. However, building websites was not my niche.
Those who find their niche and specialize in it own the greatest success stories. Most people have several talents and abilities(things they can do) but  are gifted and good at specific things.

Often times business owners and entrepreneurs are visionaries. Visionaries are creative people, with a lot of great ideas. Unfortunately, the downfall for many visionaries is trying to carry out all of those ideas at one time, or by themselves with no help.

It’s important to find out what you are good at and spend consistent energy getting really great at that one thing. FIND YOUR NICHE. Your niche will speak to a specific set of people. It will answer or solve an issue that a specific group of people have. This is your advantage point in marketing. Instead of marketing to a bunch of people who have no need for your services, you will be known for specifics. Although many people may need all the great ideas you have, most only recognize a few specific issues they have at a time. This is how you make your mark. Finding your niche will also keep YOU focused.
As a licensed cosmetologist and a visionary, I had ideas out of the wadzooka. It was not until I learned that maintaining healthy hair was what I was good at, that I was able to gain a focus in my business as a stylist, a focus that was fulfilling for those who needed me. Finding my niche helped me to speak directly to their need and I didn’t have to fight to get them to understand. Consumers wanting healthy hair recognized that I could help them and were drawn to me.
Even now as a Business Consultant and Certified Life Coach, I still have to remind myself  to stay in my niche. ( The area I dominate in, the area I know very well- The Beauty Industry.)  Yes, I am contacted for many opportunities to speak and teach from many other arenas; Colleges, Schools, Churches, Empowerment Sessions, Community Organizations on several different subjects, you name it. But, I am reminded that the right people find me when I am working at my highest good in the area I’m good at.
Finding your niche will help you in any business. It helps you set a target market and a gives you direction for your business..and your brain :).
Finding your niche doesn’t mean you can’t offer other services in your business, but it will give you an edge in your arena and help to draw the perfect clients and business opportunities to you.

Take time to write out what you are good at and enjoy doing in your field . Research it, learn more (set your self apart for that centralized focus in your business), master it, and find those that need what you have to offer.
There will be opportunities in your business that allow you to explore your other ideas after you master what you are great at.

  • Find your niche,
  • Set your self apart,
  • Gain a centralized focus


  • Attract the right customers.

This is business made easy… by finding your niche!

What are you good at within your industry? Who needs what you have to offer?
From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Beauty Business Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE#Iseeyourgreatness



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