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There is no doubt about it that the turn of a new calendar year brings about a desire for change for many people!  I personally plan my entire new calendar year(2018) during the months of August-Oct of the previous year. (2017) This helps me stay ahead of marketing, course creation and how to serve my […]
The industry has changed so much! I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 23 years now. And a lot has changed. Even for me. At some point in my career, I went from constantly hitting the pavement and using tried and true strategies to build a clientele( that still work) to coupling them with more […]
  My content calendar for my blog post had me scheduled to post about something else today… other than what I’m about to share! But, I shifted a little because I wanted to really talk to you guys about measuring and results. They matter! I see so many times where salon professionals take classes and courses […]
Being a Hair Stylist or Salon Owner operating in the Beauty Industry definitely goes through several phases, three of which I mentioned in a training on Facebook page last week. I also did a blog post on the first stage of growth, THE SEED STAGE, that a salon business or hair stylist career goes through! […]
Are you operating with a survival mindset or Prosperity mindset in your Salon Career? Yesterday, inside my private group, “Mind Your Business For The Beauty Industry” on Facebook, I began a series on The 4 P’s To A Prosperous Salon Career. Before I ever got into what the details of the series were, I taught […]
  I remember early in my career saying I would retire when I was 35! (SMH)  At 29,( after almost 10 years of my idea of being successful), I realized that at the rate I was going it was not going to happen! Was I busy with plenty of hair clients, yes! Was I making […]
Is your Salon Brand relevant?This was one of those mornings where I just didn’t have it all together. This resulted in me having to stop to pick up a sandwich to put in my daughter’s lunch box for today.That roasted chicken that I prepared yesterday( that was supposed to magically turn into the famous chicken […]
Something serious to think about! When I learned that only 17 out of 50 states require Continued Education in the Hair Stylists arena, first I said, “THANK YOU NC, for requiring more from us as a stylist,” then I realized why so many stylists feel burned out and unaccomplished in their career. Like, how do you […]
Most women business owners open a business with one goal in mind… TO OPEN. Often following a traditional path or routine, much like what we’ve been previously exposed to. Then find themselves just working, hitting some high points along the way, or taking years upon years to reach a point of comfort and fulfillment. This […]
Doing hair behind the chair is not your only option as a licensed professional. There are so many new ways to market your business, grow your business, get new customers, and more money.  Your career does not stop behind the chair. When I started in the hair industry I had no idea there were so many […]
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