Doing hair behind the chair is not your only option as a licensed professional. There are so many new ways to market your business, grow your business, get new customers, and more money.  Your career does not stop behind the chair.

When I started in the hair industry I had no idea there were so many other avenues available to the professional stylist. I wish I had someone to share the many options that are available with me much earlier. I literally felt stuck behind the chair. Taking classes, getting continued education, and 20 years of experience as a licensed professional has  given me so much insight and experience that I am grateful for. There are several things I wish I knew long before now. But now that I understand…. is not too late.  I can teach from two sides, the good things and what to avoid!

Building a business takes time for everyone, but having someone to consult and talk to, who has already been there, is a plus! Believe me when I say that! You save a lot of time not having to do it all by chance!  I tell every professional I have an opportunity to impact to find a mentor or coach to make getting there easier.

The beauty industry is an industry with so many avenues  available to a licensed professional. Getting there requires a lot of work, but there are small basic but profound things that make getting there easier. I hosted a class called “Back to Basics” where I shared many of the different avenues and options available for stylist. You really aren’t limited to just being behind the chair. In the class I shared how using one simple but profound principle afforded me an opportunity to become a platform artist, teaching others stylist the latest trends and techniques within the beauty industry.  I share an example of how I operated the principle of honor, with no  understanding of  how that simple principle would continue reaping a harvest in my career for over 12 years+.  It has paid me back monetarily over and over again.


There really are basic profound things that stabilize your career to prosper, in any avenue you take. Guess what, I recorded the class. It’s available to share with you! The class is power packed and full of great ideas. If you’d like to hear other ways to make money in the beauty industry and the basic principles that yield prosperity in your career, you can  click below and I’ll ship the class on DVD, right to your home. You can watch it at your convenience,  or share it with a friend.  A super value for what could be just the information you need for change!  Just click the link  below and I’ll ship it right out to you.

You have so many options as a licensed professional.  You can add Back to Basics and Beyond into your career as soon as you hear the class!

One last thing I want to say about your career as a stylist, don’t forget “Connection”. Connection is everything in a people business such as the beauty industry, even your social media connections.  Some of the most simple things draw people near like sincerity, kindness, and concern. Connect with your customers. Share what you are doing in your career and most importantly, have an open ear to their needs and their concerns. Go the extra mile!

Back To Basics Beauty Industry

From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this thing called life!


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