Are you motivated, but lack direction?
Have you ever felt like you were working hard, but just not prospering? Did you know you can take authority over every situation in your life simply by positioning yourself to receive the things that you need in order to prosper?
Prosper is defined as to do well or succeed.
Let’s face it, when we hear the word prosper we hear more than just paying bills.
Prospering often starts with taking a good look at where you are and deciding what you need to do to achieve your ideal success. Find out what’s most important! Do that. Make it a priority. “Prioritizing to Prosper” is simply positioning yourself for an increase. Here are some things I help people find clarity on in my consulting practice through  Renew Strategy Sessions!  They are things that often get overlooked in all the busyness and pursuit!
Here are 3 things you can do to prioritize your business to prosper.
~1 Declutter your personal space
Yes, we are talking about your business, however, everything that transpires in your personal life affects your business life. Begin the decluttering process in your personal life, and your space at home. This is where you spend most of your downtime. This time needs to offer room to create, not stress over the busyness of your space. If it’s broken, you cannot use it, it is no longer of any use, or if it belongs to someone else… release it. Declutter your space! Prioritize your space so you can prosper and then go and do the same thing in your business. If it’s broken, if it’s not working, if you are not using, if it serves no purpose, if it does not allow you to be creative, make money, or causes you stress just looking at it…release it. Declutter
 Now that you have decluttered things your view is probably a lot more clear.
2.Use this opportunity to decide where you would like your business to head. Many business owners make the grave mistake of not quite knowing where they want their business to head. No real plan or strategy and no realistic goals with dates. But not you. You are now in a great position to get clear and specific about where you want your business to head.
*Do you want to work fewer hours and offer more premium services?
* If you are a licensed stylist, do you want to open a salon?
*Do you want to commission staff or booth renters?
* How many people would you like to hire and by what date?
Theses are the type of questions you have to ask yourself.
*Maybe you want to travel
*Offer mobile services
*Be a freelance artist.
What is it you want to do in your career?
Now that you have decluttered things that no longer serve you, -you are in a position to receive the things that will allow you to obtain greater, the things you truly want your career or business to be. You are now in a position to clearly align yourself with what you desire for your work-life.
 In the decluttering stage, I’m sure you found things that were not working, however, you knew they still needed to be part of the equation. They just needed to be adjusted so they bring an increase.
3. Make a list of things that need readjusting so they operate at maximum potential. Maybe for you, it’s
* Gaining new customers for the staff you already have,
*Gaining more exposure by marketing efforts
*Hiring a manager or front desk to help with administrative duties to operate at a higher level of customer service for your customers.
You should now be able to detail what needs to be adjusted so that you can prosper. Prioritize your activities so that they line up with your goals. Don’t just work in the business, work on the business. Prioritize your business to prosper!
Ask yourself: What is it that I can release in order to increase? What do I need to create in order to maintain?”
These are three ways that you can prioritize your business to prosper in 2016! Release in order to increase!
I’D LOVE TO HELP YOU STRATEGIZE YOR NEXTMOVES UPON FINDING CLARITY! Feel free to email me at or simply schedule your Renew Strategy Session Today!
From My Experience To Yours,
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!

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