clientWe sometimes make the grave mistake as hairstylists and salon owners of thinking that now that we are licensed or now that we  have opened the business people are just going to flood our business and bust The Doors Down.

However.  that is far from the truth.

People need to know, like, and trust you to do business with you.

Think about it yourself! Whenever you go to patronize a business, it’s because you either had a referral, you saw something of value that sparked  your interest, or you’ve probably seen them advertised or heard them mention something several times before you actually decide to go and spend your valuable money with the business.

One  great way for a hair stylists or Salons to gain new customer interest( the know, like, and trust factor) is through testimonials!

Do you ask your clients for testimonials?

How do you allow your clients that you already have, that are already in your hands, to benefit you. Not only in that moment that you are servicing them and making that immediate exchange, but for future opportunites. The best customer is a satisfied customer. Their testimony about their experience with you is invaluable! To top it off, video testimonials help create the know, like and trust factor faster then any other form of testimonial.They create a unique connection that trumps other testimonial types. Now this doesn’t mean your written testimonials aren’t valuable, they are! It just means that video testimonials are often more powerful!

Here is an example of testiomonials both written and video that have worked well for my business!–testimonials.html

Maybe you don’t know where to begin with asking for testimonials from your clients, or even creating videos to market your business. ( Which, by the way, is said to be how 80% of marketing will be done and watched by consumers by 2018) This  video content creating class below will help you tremendously. Not only with testimonials, but also teach you about 4 type of videos I feel all businesses should have to market their business. Click here to purchase the class and get over 2 hours of education on marketing through video. Not only will you learn about testimonials, but you will also learn about YOUR TARGET MARKET and creating content for video and posting on social media that will conect you faster with people who are waiting to do buiness with you! After all marketing efforts are useless if they are marketed to the wrong people!


Start asking your clients if they wouldn’t mind giving you a testimonial TODAY! The customers you already serve are valuable to growing your business. You would be surprised how many would be more than willing to help you by sharing their experience.

From My Experience to Yours,

Tany Wilson-Cherry

Beauty Business Consultant

To stars like YOU and everyday people walking out this jewel of Beauty Business success and Life!

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