Periodically, on my social media sites, I give my followers an opportunity to receive personalized consulting information from me absolutely FREE. In a recent opportunity, a bakery, servicing mainly college students, asked how they could increase their customer base.
My response:
My first suggestion is to ask yourself this question
“Who needs my services?”
This will help you form a target market (ideal customers) for your business.

I AM A BIG FAN OF SOCIAL MEDIA. There are millions of people on-line at any given moment. This is a great resource for you to market your business and increase your customer base. Start a Facebook business page where you can build a following and keep them up to date on your latest business endeavors. Interact with them often.
***If you don’t have a website/blog…it’s crucial in this age, where everyone is online, like you are, right now! If you want to increase your customer base, this will be a great reference point to direct customers to and yield potential customers while you sleep.
As for local suggestions for growing your bakery business, focus on developing relationships with children based businesses and functions, (children have repeated birthday parties and celebrations) and wedding services and events. (Every bride needs a cake!) Most cities have bridal shows. About 7 or 8 years ago, my salon was the first salon to have a vendors booth at an annual bridal show in our city. (THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX-Vend at local functions)It yielded great contacts, opportunities and paying customers. This will be a great way to showcase your skills and form relationships with attendees. Become familiar with local events that offer an opportunity to set up a booth.(trade shows)
Consider donating a few of your services to businesses and organizations to get your foot in the door.
*****Take sometime to develop a marketing plan for your business so you are prepared and marketing in advance for days like “Valentine’s Day”.
Also read two of my other blog post “The Burned out Stylist”
and “Opening a Salon”
They are written for the beauty industry but have great nuggets for any business.
P.S. Always get contact information for each person you service as a way of building a list (client base) that you can keep in touch with ( out of sight-out of mind) about new things going on within your company!
Much Success!

From My Experience To Yours,
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
Consultant to Stars like you and everyday people walking out this thing called life.


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