One of the common statements I hear from clients who come to work with me is, ” I felt like your marketing and messaging was speaking directly to me.”

That’s not an accident.

I understand who my Perfect People Are.

Your Perfect People are the people your services are most ideal for.

People who will buy from you and find the most value in what you offer.

Most people feel their business is for everyone. This usually consists of marketing that doesn’t speak to the right people, and slow sales on social media and in business.

This often leaves business owners throwing in the towel, going dark on social media, or accepting mediocre results in business.

Growing a business consist of a running list of leads or people who are qualified and desire to do business with you.

Those people are not EVERYBODY.

Learning to identify your Perfect People is a complete game changer for your business.

Knowing who your Perfect People are is the difference between someone with 10,000 + followers who cant sell 13 wellness products, or get 5 new Coaching clients or wellness services,


Someone with 1-2 thousand followers who earn, 6 and multiple six figures from their small following.

It’s the difference in a business having a service that’s $65 they struggle to get clients for and someone offering the same service who charges $200 and keeps a running list of clients receiving services.

It can be the difference between a coach who charges $6,000 for their Coaching offer who fills out their programs and someone charging $497 who may get one person every few months who enrolls.

It’s really not about the number of followers you have, it’s about having the right followers who will actually do business with you! It’s about knowing who your perfect people are.

Your Perfect People can be clients or Team members.
They are two separate frameworks.
This opportunity is for one of the two Framweworks.
You can let me know which focus you desire when we speak: Clients or Team Members

What does our time consist of while learning the Perfect People Framework?

I work with you for 14 days to clearly define who your Perfect People are.

This includes Live Video Face to Face time and unlimited digital Coaching through email access throughout that two-week duration,

 Who is this For:

You need to already have a business an established business.

Service-Based Business Owners: Coaches, Consultants, or Brick and Mortar Business.


This strategy alone will help you attract the right people into your business.

Perfect for Brick and Mortar Businesses wanting to convert more clients online and in their local community through their marketing efforts

There is a difference in having a lot of followers on Social media and having clients who convert into paying clients!

Please Note: You will receive a link to my calendar to schedule your call. This will include a questionnaire to assist in our time together through our Zoom call. Installment plans must be completed prior to the Live Zoom Coaching Calls.

If you have more than one business this opportunity is a separate opportunity for each business. For example, if you are a service provider in a brick-and-mortar business and you also have a Coaching business those are two different sessions with me. You will need to choose which business this opportunity is for.

Investment $1,111

Payment in full or deposit is acknowledgment and agreeance to the terms of this agreement. Deposits and payments are non-refundable.

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