In lieu of all of the things that have been occurring around the world concerning Hurricane Matthew, from Haiti to Florida , South Carolina, and even the state in which I live, North Carolina, the incidents left me in thought of 5 specific things:

What Matters Most
and Faith.

Not sure if you heard about the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew that affected our nation, but it’s times like this that many people recognize just how much our daily lives are intertwined and affect one another. It makes you understand just how much tragedy, success, and even wellness can be a factor in the life of one individual ,one city, one town, one state, and somehow spread throughout the world. It definitely highlights a right perspective on just how valuable lives are.

I’m sure you have goals, dreams, and visions that will not only impact your life but, your family’s life, and many many other people around you. The warnings of the storm made me think about preparation and what I do with the time I’m given.

During this storm season, not everyone had access to the news, media ,or even the finances or resources to do early preparation. When I say preparation, I mean things like purchasing batteries, flashlights, non- perishable foods, or packing toiletries or over- night bags in case of an emergency. Some who heard the warning may have taken it for granted. After all, it’s so unusual and seemingly far-fetched. Some decided to stay in areas that were warned to evacuate.(some had no choice) Some may have attempted to go out in the weather to gather last minute supplies and found they were redirected to shelters with no return home because nature had taken its course.

It really made me think of all the times in the past I had taken things for granted. It was actually a terrible habit of mine in my earlier years. It would irritate me to hear my mother constantly reminding me to do this or do that or solemnly asking me had I taken care of simple details in house keeping or life responsibilities. Making necessary calls to get things fixed, oil in my car, you know, those things that become derailed by other seemingly important things. We can take things for granted. It’s so easy to do because of our daily responsibilities, daily routine, daily habits, or just really not thinking things are that serious.

If you are anything like me, life may have beaten you up for a while, in the attempt of teaching you a lesson. I gained a new perspective and decided to do things in advance. I decided to expect the best  but prepare for “just in case”.

If my journey has taught me a few significant things, one would definitely be the power of preparation. Preparation is powerful. Although my home lost no power during the storm, we had minimal damage concerning our property and were blessed in comfort, I place some of that comfort on the fact that weeks prior to these events, I began preparing. My connection with a Kingdom individual warned me of the possible need for preparation. (Who you are next to matters) I begin to stock up on batteries, water, non-perishable foods, flashlights and even packed bags and important paperwork. Some of the comfort I felt was surely because I was prepared, as much as I could, “just in case”. There was a level of personal security for me and my family.

While preparing and looking for important papers, I found pictures, looked at memories and shared smiles with my family. I realized that out of everything, there were only a few things of true importance with the limited space to transport things. Things like family pictures were high on my list. Of course, I grabbed things like insurance policies, birth certificates, social security cards, important financial things, laptop cords, etc. But I realized that few things, other than life, were really important in those moments.
Pursuing your dreams is much like that. You have to decide what to do with the time you have and what is most important to divulge your energy into.
I often post a quote about “doing what matters most” on my social media connections like Facebook and Instagram! I thought of that a few times. “Doing what matters most”

In your daily life there will be many things that you can do with your time, your energy, and your resources, but doing what matters most will always yield the greatest peace and prosperity.

Those things will be the building blocks of the foundation for your life, your business and those you are connected to. During the time of storms or even opportunities in life, the foundation that you have built on will determine how things stand or remain.

What are some things that are really important to you? Are there things you can re-shift in your time throughout your daily routine that will cause peace in your pursuit?

Are there some things in your business that will make a significant difference in the outcome if you re-shifted your focus, prepare, and to get it done?

How can you prepare to come up in comfort?

Whether it’s staying informed and relevant, devising a plan to profit, structuring your business differently so it operates more effectively, some of the simple small things you prepare behind the scenes will make your process that much smoother and offer a sense of security emotionally.

Are there some habits holding you back from experiencing greater?


Doing the most valuable things in season and even preparation can feel like such a sacrifice while everyone else is enjoying themselves, laughing, and having a good time. It may seem like you are missing out on all the fun, sometimes. However, with balance, you can live the life you love with a greater measure of security because you are prepared.
Because you are simply, doing what matters most.

Doing this will require a great measure of faith. This is where my thoughts led during this tragic time of hurricane Matthew in our country.
Circumstances where your money looks a little funny, things aren’t going well in your business, you need new answers and new opportunities, this is where faith has to kick in the loudest.
Faith can often be misunderstood or vary in it’s full definition from one person to the next. Some feel, “If I have faith, I don’t have to prepare.”God will take care it all!”
Here is where my revelation of faith differs. I believe that faith is an action word. I believe that hope is even an action word, but faith shows movement. There are many things that God can and will do in our lives, but our faith and the part that we play in our life, our business, and daily pursuit will definitely allow God an opportunity to put his super to your natural. This puts you at an even greater door of opportunity. It allows you to be in a more comfortable position during times of adversity(or avoid it all together) if you have the faith to prepare.

How BIG is your faith? Are you preparing behind the scenes for greatness? Are you “doing what matters most?”

These were the major points and thoughts I was left with during this most recent storm: Preparation, Foundation, Doing What Matters Most, Togetherness, and Faith!

Maybe you were left with thoughts as well, even if your state wasn’t affected and you saw it on the news, I’d love to hear about your time of reflection. Feel free to leave your thoughts below.
May God bless and keep everyone, as we are all affected in some way, whether it’s tangibly evident or not, or immediately impacted by our daily decisions. What you do impacts the world. You have purpose.
Our lives matter to one another!

From My Experience to yours,
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
Consultant and Life Coach to stars like you and everyday people mastering this jewel called LIFE!


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