Does your business run when you aren’t there?




In 2003 I opened a brick and mortar business, at that time it was a Salon & Boutique.
We offered only hair care services at that time( later a full-service Day Spa)
specialty clothing, ( I had formed relationships with wholesalers in the Garment District in New York, The Atlanta Market, and Wholesale companies online.) We only carried 3 of any clothing item at a time.
Skin care products,( Pure Shea Butter, Lotions and soaps)
and hard to find perfumes and fragrances. More of a Lifestyle Salon.

In 2005, one month shy of 2 years after opening I had my daughter.
After two weeks of being out of work completely, I attempted to go back to work( not servicing clients) to operate my front desk. I wanted to see hands-on how things were going! I got nightly reports of the sales from staff, but I needed to see 

That didn’t work.
I was not ready .
I realized quickly after only a few hours at the desk that I would do the entire 6 weeks like I very well should.

At 6 weeks I was struggling emotionally to leave my daughter in someone else’s care.
Luckily, one of my clients owned several Day Care’s in our city and one of the locations was a small private location for infants attached to her home. YESSSS.
That was definitely my best source of comfort because she had been a client of our salon for years. Even prior to me opening my own location.

She actually gave me this journal about a year before I stopped being a booth renter and on to ownership.
I wrote everything in this book, wholesale distributors, plans down to the dollar, marketing and retailing courses I would take, and several systems I created that would be the reason I was able to stay out of work and still function.

So off I go, back to work servicing clients in my business.
Then, my daughter got sick with a respiratory infection that had me out of work again. This time, I did not return to work fulltime for 8 months. I only worked about 4 hours of 2-3 evenings each week, but the salon remained open.
Thank God, my daughter didn’t stay sick for 8 months, but I really wanted her to be older before taking her to back to daycare.

How on earth did we stay open? I was in almost 2000 square foot of building, with staff, and in a prime location!

When I look back on it, I was nervous at that time. We were still fairly new, some of the staff were new, but systems, goals, and having other revenue streams definitely helped us in that season.

So many service-based business owners open the business and build jobs for themselves that require them to be present to make money! Even if they have staff, their focus is on getting clients for themselves.

I feel the goal for owners should be personal mastery and developing leadership not necessarily focusing on doing more customers themselves.

That experience taught me early that I wasn’t superwomen, it was okay to need help, and doing it alone was not the goal!

I encourage you this morning to get clear on your Growth Path for your business.

Build one that gives you time freedom and revenue without you being present!

You will build it and strategize completely different!

Success On Purpose

Your Transformational Growth Strategist/Business Mentor/ Life Coach


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The Beauty Industry is Really a Great Industry!

The Beauty Industry is really a great industry with many possibilities.
Looking through pictures early this morning, I realized how many phases I’ve gone through in the industry. Here are some listed below!tanya-speaking-to-booth-rent
     *From Stylist working for a company ( I really learned a lot from others, I learned business strategies and marketing strategies, I learned honor, responsibility at work and the rewards of consistency at work. Working with a company helped to establish another level of discipline I would definitely need while out on my own!
    *Platform Artist traveling state to state teaching other industry professionals styling techniques. I learned there were some really great up and coming stylist on the scenes that were hungry!
     *Educator: working for a product company,`going to seminars and technical institutes training other stylists. This gave me great experience for what I do now. I learned what I like , I learned how to tweak my message for the audience, as well as areas I needed to improve on!
     *Booth Renter: This is where I learned that no one else would make it happen but me. I had to wear many hats; marketer, receptionist, listener, visionary, you name it there was no one else but me. Recognizing this helped me learn to do what matters most!
      *Salon Owner for 10 years. This is where I grew the most. I took everything I knew and still that was not enough, but it was definitely a strong start. I was forced to recognize I could not do it on my own and to never stop learning, even when you feel you’ve made it.
I learned to adapt to change, develop a tough skin, have faith on “anotha” level, lol, and continue to have a pliable heart. I learned that my staff was very important to my business, as well as my customers. As I developed personally, so did my business. Sticking to a vision was a HUGE takeaway! Importantly, striving to not just live a successful professional life but an even more successful private life. It would be much of the take away from it all.
and now
Industry Business Consultant. I realized just how many people needed help. I am able to humbly remember where I was and reach back to share my gifts, experience, and knowledge from my own success. It keeps me on my A-Game, and pushes me to stay ahead and create value! Doing it for others creates amazing value for me as well. This industry really has afforded me many opportunities.
There is more, but this is what was connected directly to the industry, but it all is definitely a foundation for where it started. This industry really has afforded me many opportunities.
If I had a few pieces of wisdom to offer it would be:
~ learn all you can, don’t stop.
~Charge your worth
~Hire a mentor or coach( trust me it will save you some years of trial and error)
~Stay connected to the Industry( don’t go off in your own bubble)
~Take care of your customers
~ Be consistent
~Go beyond what’s expected
~ take care of your customers need’s
~learn more about the business outside of your skillset
~ Learn how to respect your money, save, invest, don’t just blow it on unnecessary
 From My Experience to yours, 
Tanya Wilson-Cherry
 Consultant to stars like you everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!

Your Brand!

We hear it all the time, the ever so popular word “BRAND.”

There are many components to understanding what your brand is concerning your business. The best way I can sum it up is the idea, thoughts, and description consumers get or give when they hear or discuss your name or the name of your business. Of course, things like your logo, colors, or even a small phrase you say when speaking about your business are all parts of your BRAND.  But, if I had to sum it up, ultimately, YOU are your brand!

Here are a few tips and things to remember when you are thinking about your brand:

  • Establish your priorities and your standards early- They will help you make wise decisions that you and your brand can live with! Every good opportunity is not a great opportunity for you( and YOUR BRAND)
  • New opportunities are available everywhere… sometimes you have to create them.
  •  Your connections and opportunities should match how you want to represent YOUR BRAND.
  •  Because you are your business, your emotions can’t always come along with the decisions you make. People Have to Know, Like, And Trust YOU! You are branding your business EVERY DAY.
  • Never make decisions when angry or desperate when it relates to your business.  A decision today can affect the tomorrow of your business. The way you conduct business is part of your brand. (The feeling or thoughts people have when they hear or mention your name)
  • Have outlets for accountability, forward thinking, and reflecting on your business…. and keep your WHY in front of you!
  • Someone is always watching and forming opinions on whether or not to do business with you! Especially on social media!
  • Your level of awareness will affect your level of success! Walk in awareness all the time. Remember you are organically creating your brand! (Intentionally or Not)
  • Do the work! Do the things that will intentionally place you in front of your ideal customers. Market Your Business often and properly!
  • “Self Care” a huge part of success. #Youmatter! This is one many hairstylist and entrepreneurs over- look. After all, who has time to take care of themselves when they are trying to build a business, right? Many hairstylist, salon owners, and entrepreneurs are giving from a place of depletion and wondering why they aren’t attracting customers. YOU MUST include time for self- care.

YOU MUST include time for self- care.  You will gain the best customers and grow your business faster when you are operating from a great space where you are taking care of your- self!


Look at each aspect listed above as it aligns to your business. Creating the best case scenario in each point given will develop a brand that you and people truly desire!

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From my experience to yours

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Beauty Business Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life!


Each One Teach One!


each-one-teach-oneThree positions that you need for Destiny.

The amazing thing is that many of you are already in the three positions whether you know it or not.

The first position you need as you are headed to your destiny is someone that you are teaching

Now granted, the way these three positions are listed in this post are not necessarily the order in which you should look to walk in or obtain them. However, they are all needed and would be great to have all of these positions working properly in your life at the same time to yield greater measures of success. This should be your intentional goal!

Why do you need someone you are teaching?

One of the reasons you need someone you are teaching is because there is always someone in the world who needs a measure of guidance. I’m sure you can remember a time where you just need someone’s advice who had already gone in the direction you are going. There are many people waiting for that same type of information for their break through to their next level. If you have already accomplished something or gone a certain measure of steps you likely have valuable information to share with someone else, whether it’s what to do or what not to do!

Did you know someone may already consider you their teacher, even if they haven’t told you? People make people their mentor’s from a far without even making them aware! They may not have tapped you on the shoulder and made you aware. They may not have said, “Hey, I’m following you” Remember I said some of the positions you may be operating in and may not be aware.

People who need understanding often look at people who have titles such as a Realtor, photographer, Licensed Cosmetologist, husband, wife, mother, father,  or someone with a Ph. D because they desire that position.

We need to be in a position where we want to do better, not just because we are teaching someone else , but because we know we deserve better and as we develop personally we bring increase into our lives!

Side Bar:

How many of you know that just because a person holds a title does not mean they will fulfill the position properly.

Therefore there are advantages to being aware of when you are actually operating in these positions for greater. Being aware makes you more sensitive to how you do life and how you do business. Awareness gives you an even greater desire to do business on an even greater. Not only does it help the person who is watching you but it also helps you in developing in your measure of success and greatness as well.

The Second Position needed for Destiny is a Peer Group

A peer group is a group of people approximately the same age, headed in the same direction, with similar goals, and daily life activities.

Here are some advantages of a Peer Group.

~A Peer Group gives you insight for overcoming obstacles

~You can gain collective information about contacts or resources from those in your peer group

~Also, accessible support from those in a peer group is available. You will need good support and accountability to maintain the motivation and momentum need to complete your goals and desires.

Actually, trying to do it alone can slow up or hinder the momentum for your destiny!

Many of you have a peer group but may not be aware of it!. They are the 5 People you spend the most time with!

Theses 5 people will affect your belief, your income, your decisions and ultimately your destiny.

Like individuals headed in the same direction will have similar experiences when shared will let you know some of the things you are facing are normal!

The Third Position Needed for Destiny is Someone to teach you!

Let’s face it, where you are now is based on the information you had up until this point. Next level will require new next level information!

Whether you choose a Life Coach, Mentor, or Business Consultant they should have few qualities.

~They should have information and experience about your “next” level, the areas you are stuck in, and strategies to get there.

They should have similar values as you do
 because they will share information through their experience that will likely head you in similar directions.

If you find that you have all of these positions in place but you are still stuck in your business, I invite you to join my next virtual online class on October 19 right from your home called “LEVEL UP”. It a class on Clarity to provide things business owners need in today’s time to be relevant and prosper. You will be able to have a level up conversation to see if you have things in place that are going to help get you unstuck and onto your next level!.

tanyadsc2_8636From My Experience to Yours

Business Consultant/ Certified Life Coach