DSCF0926Just settling in from vacation with my mother, daughter and lil’ cousin. Although I kept in touch on my social platforms while away, I vowed not to let my social connections overwhelm my priceless time with family. Still, I can say I’ve missed you all and our consistent connection.


During the last 15 years of self-employment, entrepreneurship and years of business ownership, I’ve had to learn to balance my work life. Sometimes  you just have to slow or shut work down to sow completely into your foundation. Whether it’s yourself or your family and close friends. It’s important to make time to give back to your foundation. Give back and receive from people and things that inspire you and strengthen you for your journey.

It’s so easy to get frazzled,overwhelmed and even depressed from over extending ourselves and trying to make up for lost time in a hurried fashion. These thoughts arose after hearing the media information about Robin Williams. It reminded me of how depression feels and can easily slip in without notice. It happens because of displaced feelings , emotions and beliefs about where joy is truly found. For me, a constant connection with my spirituality, constant talks with God, and consistent quality time with my husband, children and family keeps me focused, balanced and assured of what’s needed, important and good for my journey.

So many people are suffering for one reason or another. I want to encourage you and remind you of just how valuable you are. Remind you that God loves you and created you for purpose. Remind you to keep why you do what you do, your reason for working hard,  and your reason for sacrifices at the forefront while on your journey.

Here is my prayer. Lord, thank you for always  being there for my friends. Thank you for redirecting their thought life to what is  good, honest and true. Thank you for your love and kindness and your plan to wholeness and prosperity for my friends. Speak often, your kind and gentle words of encouragement and purpose to them. Help them to support a balance in their life and keep what’s really important at the forefront of their daily lives. Help them to balance true necessity from that of the world’s view. Lord, we know that any other focus can lead to confusion and frustration. I thank you in advance for hearing my prayer and placing BALANCE in the lives of my friends.

In Jesus name. .Amen

From my experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you,  walking out this jewel called life!wpid-wp-1407986005159.jpeg

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