Have you ever wondered why the guy in class, who didn’t make straight A’s, considered just an average student, ended up being the most successful in his class?

Ever wondered why the person who didn’t finish college or get a degree, turned out to be  the most successful ever?

Ever wondered why the person whose parents didn’t make the most money and didn’t have the greatest start or foundation turned out extremely successful?

~Their drive

~Their determination

~Their humbleness

~Their tenacity

~Their ability to create with very little

~Their willingness to learn and take risks!

~Their ability to use “instinct” learned through survival, where others my be blinded by their intellectual colloquial  text-book reasoning too rigid to draw outside of the lines.

This message is in no way to knock education.. I am HUGE on education, knowledge is important…   but only powerful when you use it. Nor is it to pick or poke at anyone , but just to make an awareness of what’s real!

This post is solely to spark the ignition inside, take off the limitations, and offer another piece of clarity. To start a fire on the inside of you, an awareness, and give you your flame back. This message is to encourage you to step outside of your own box and do business!

Ever wondered why the most spiritually profound deep person never  made it past the spiritual aspects of God’s message, to his principles for good health and prosperity?Somewhere, they may have forgotten to get off of their knees long enough to carry out what God’s words were teaching.(his principles for prosperous living)

Take all of  what you have already learned and put it to use. Stop watching others walk out your dreams, stop coming up with new excuses why it won’t work. The answer is always NO,  if you don’t try.

A vision is only a dream if you never take steps to fulfill it. Do what you need to find clarity on a “first step”( which may simply be research) and take it. If you wait until everything is perfect you will waste much valuable time. Perfection never occurs. Striving for it only keeps you waiting, and re-tweaking, and reevaluation.. forever!

Somethings you will learn on the journey. Opportunities will arise while you are MOVING.

Don’t fear making mistakes, that’s a natural part of the process. Some of the greatest lessons are learned during the process. But you first have to step out on faith and try!

Faith without work is dead! Get out of your own box!

You can do this!


From my experience to yours

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant go stars like you and everyday people walking out this thing called LIFE!


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