Are trust issues keeping you from growing your business?

I recently had a Next Level  Renew Strategy Session with my client who is a multiple six-figure earner.

I mention her income because so many entrepreneurs think when they hit 6 figures, they don’t need any help.

However, the more you grow the more you actually need help!

I’ll speak to that as I move forward,

Here’s the scenario:

My client has several businesses and still had her hand in many of the fires of all those businesses.

She needed strategies to give her more time freedom to allow her to earn more Revenue.

I am a big believer in having help in your business.

Like, you don’t have to do this alone.

Repeat that phrase for me.


My advice during the Next Level Renew Strategy Session definitely included hiring strategies for employees.

The thought of employees brings many concerns for most entrepreneurs.

  • taxes
  • leadership
  • organization
  • finding good staff… the list goes on

All things that have answers and solutions!

Of Course, I provide those for my clients 😘



During the call, my client shared concerns about the times she’d been burned in the past with hiring staff.

Can you relate?

I sure could.

This can really cause trust issues that become barriers to growing your business.

When I owned a brick and mortar service-based business my first year of hiring came with many adjustments.

Although I had systems in place in my business my early hired staff were still not doing it right hunni.

Well, that was partially my fault. I’ll explain that more as I move forward.


“I gave my client the very thought process I had to walk through when it was time for me to hire when I opened my brick-and-mortar service-based business.”


My goal before opening was to immediately hire help.

I mean, I had opened a business and moved from being just self-employed with a plan to hire people to help grow the business and the vision.

The only way I could wrap my mind around the spending involved, the time I’d need to invest differently, and the risk, was for me to remember the goal I wished to achieve was bigger than what I might lose in the process.


I knew any possible loss would not be greater than the gain.

Of course, there are things like theft or turn over with staff.

But systems and leadership combat all of that!


Those things, unfortunately, are not abnormal.

However, the loss is not bigger than the gain. Remember that!

Most of my clients in a growth stage in their business, where they really need help to sustain and scale,

worry about

  • the process
  •  the possibility of not hiring the right people
  • and whether or not they themselves can really make it happen.


If you’re looking to grow your business to a new measure,

  1. delegating,
  2. taking on a new role in your business,
  3. and stepping into more of a Visionary of your company

is part of the natural growing process in business.


It’s also a part of your natural evolution of being that puts you in alignment with the Growth you really want to experience.

You really have to trust to grow.

Trust the process


Trust Yourself!


Is your lack of trust keeping you from growing?

Maybe you are like my client who earns multiple six figures in just one of her businesses, or you are super hands-on, doing it solo.


you literally are burned out from feeling the need to be so hands-on and do it all.

After all, no one can do it better than you, right?

You know the saying “If you want something done right… do it yourself.”

But this is far from the truth for business owners growing businesses and brands.

Find someone who does it better than you so you can focus on what you are truly great at.

Get the leadership training you need to hire, lead, put systems in place, and grow an amazing team.

This way can focus on Your Super Powers and your business systems can handle the influx of growth without falling short in other areas.

There’s no way to maintain or sustain a growing business alone.

Not effectively, not efficiently, not in a prosperous way where your business is funding your lifestyle and not running it!

There is no way I could have run my establishment without help.

  • We did confirmation calls 48 hours prior to clients coming for their services
  • We shipped retail products out
  • we had our own product line within our facility
  • we serviced single clients with multiple services during their visit
  • we sent monthly newsletters
  • Did payroll ( Well my Book Keeper did the payroll, But I had to have a system to give her the numbers for payroll)
  • Marketed
  • Had community partnerships
  • orientation for new hires
  • training classes for staff
  • Open House events for clients
  • Did Community event

There is no way I could have done all of that without staff and help.

I had to overcome my trust issues

  • about my ability to serve at my highest, even if it meant  investing to learn how to Lead better
  •  I had to trust the process of the strategies and systems I put in place
  • I had to trust that I would follow through with what was necessary
  • I had to trust my ability to hire better and get better at hiring
  • I had to trust that all of the things I might lose from leaving that comfort zone

( that was no longer comfortable)

I would gain so much more if I only decided to trust.


Are Trust Issues Keeping you From Growing Your Business/ Brand?

Do you need Support in this area?

Let’s hop on a call to see how I can support you in your next Growth Spurt!

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