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There is no doubt about it that the turn of a new calendar year brings about a desire for change for many people!  I personally plan my entire new calendar year(2018) during the months of August-Oct of the previous year. (2017) This helps me stay ahead of marketing, course creation and how to serve my […]
Can you retire comfortably as a licensed cosmetologist?
Have you ever felt like there was more month than there was money?  I sure have felt that way before. I learned years ago that it wasn’t that I was unaware of my major bills, but that I was taking some of the smaller bills(that add up by the way) for granted. Actually, I wasn’t […]
Most businesses that fail say things like, “ I could not find good staff, the economy was terrible, I didn’t have enough money.” All of those seem like logical reasons why a business would fail. While listening to life coach Tony Robbins, he made a profound statement that made me do some hard thinking. What […]
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