each-one-teach-oneThree positions that you need for Destiny.

The amazing thing is that many of you are already in the three positions whether you know it or not.

The first position you need as you are headed to your destiny is someone that you are teaching

Now granted, the way these three positions are listed in this post are not necessarily the order in which you should look to walk in or obtain them. However, they are all needed and would be great to have all of these positions working properly in your life at the same time to yield greater measures of success. This should be your intentional goal!

Why do you need someone you are teaching?

One of the reasons you need someone you are teaching is because there is always someone in the world who needs a measure of guidance. I’m sure you can remember a time where you just need someone’s advice who had already gone in the direction you are going. There are many people waiting for that same type of information for their break through to their next level. If you have already accomplished something or gone a certain measure of steps you likely have valuable information to share with someone else, whether it’s what to do or what not to do!

Did you know someone may already consider you their teacher, even if they haven’t told you? People make people their mentor’s from a far without even making them aware! They may not have tapped you on the shoulder and made you aware. They may not have said, “Hey, I’m following you” Remember I said some of the positions you may be operating in and may not be aware.

People who need understanding often look at people who have titles such as a Realtor, photographer, Licensed Cosmetologist, husband, wife, mother, father,  or someone with a Ph. D because they desire that position.

We need to be in a position where we want to do better, not just because we are teaching someone else , but because we know we deserve better and as we develop personally we bring increase into our lives!

Side Bar:

How many of you know that just because a person holds a title does not mean they will fulfill the position properly.

Therefore there are advantages to being aware of when you are actually operating in these positions for greater. Being aware makes you more sensitive to how you do life and how you do business. Awareness gives you an even greater desire to do business on an even greater. Not only does it help the person who is watching you but it also helps you in developing in your measure of success and greatness as well.

The Second Position needed for Destiny is a Peer Group

A peer group is a group of people approximately the same age, headed in the same direction, with similar goals, and daily life activities.

Here are some advantages of a Peer Group.

~A Peer Group gives you insight for overcoming obstacles

~You can gain collective information about contacts or resources from those in your peer group

~Also, accessible support from those in a peer group is available. You will need good support and accountability to maintain the motivation and momentum need to complete your goals and desires.

Actually, trying to do it alone can slow up or hinder the momentum for your destiny!

Many of you have a peer group but may not be aware of it!. They are the 5 People you spend the most time with!

Theses 5 people will affect your belief, your income, your decisions and ultimately your destiny.

Like individuals headed in the same direction will have similar experiences when shared will let you know some of the things you are facing are normal!

The Third Position Needed for Destiny is Someone to teach you!

Let’s face it, where you are now is based on the information you had up until this point. Next level will require new next level information!

Whether you choose a Life Coach, Mentor, or Business Consultant they should have few qualities.

~They should have information and experience about your “next” level, the areas you are stuck in, and strategies to get there.

They should have similar values as you do
 because they will share information through their experience that will likely head you in similar directions.

If you find that you have all of these positions in place but you are still stuck in your business, I invite you to join my next virtual online class on October 19 right from your home called “LEVEL UP”. It a class on Clarity to provide things business owners need in today’s time to be relevant and prosper. You will be able to have a level up conversation to see if you have things in place that are going to help get you unstuck and onto your next level!.

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