We are fortunate to live in a world where what we need is right at our fingertips.

Anything from concert tickets, to airplane tickets, the latest trend, a pair of shoes, or information,  are all at your fingertips. You could decide you deserve a new piece of jewelry, that you need someone’s advice on a subject,  or you need to schedule an appointment to get your hair done all at 1:00 a.m. in the morning.  You can make it happen. All of those things are easily accessible to you online. You don’t have to wait or search hard. It’s a common convenience.

This is all the more reason that your business needs an online presence. I’m sure you gain some customers by your post on social media platforms, but are they able to impulsively buy your goods and services when they are ready, even if it’s 1 o’clock in the morning.  Or do they have to wait and try to contact you when you are not busy? Can they get questions answered about your business while it’s fresh and on their mind?

Your business needs to have its place on the World Wide Web where you are readily available for your customers… even while you sleep. Do you have a website? There are millions of people online each day. Don’t limit yourself to only the people who are in your circle. Think outside your circle of just family members and friends! They may not be your biggest customers.

Could you use more exposure for your business?

If you believe in the service or product that you offer you should have several streams of positive exposure that are an advantage to your business. A website is a great choice.  Broaden your thinking and your availability.

  There are millions of people online every day. These are your customers. You live in a world that lives on social media platforms and the internet. A

website will give you an opportunity to begin establishing a relationship with consumers before they ever buy from you or come into your establishment. It is a tool to attract people to your personal brand! Consumers buy on impulse, but they most often buy from businesses where they feel a personal connection or liking!

Your website is the opportunity to tell consumers who and what your business is about.  This is the relationship aspect of marketing that gives consumers a sense of you, your services, and what you have to offer through your website.

A business that desires to thrive in today’s times needs a website.


I teach you simple way to have your website up in 1 day in my Brand, Build Profit Master Session- For Salon Owners

In the meantime if you are creative and have the time, here are a few places you can go to start your website:  

I’ve tried and used these web hosting companies over the years. Most offer a minimal fee to host your website and even lower if you have already acquired a domain name. Your domain name is your website address that consumers will use to find your site online.


  • I used Yahoo for small businesses for over 10 years.
  • I now use Go Daddy for WordPress which is where I have my blog renewfullcircle.com.
  • I’ve also tried  WIX.  With WIX,  you can choose from a free website or a paid website. The disadvantage of using their free websites is the WIX logo will be on the bottom of your website pages. It’s a start if money is tight, but you will attract more serious consumers without it.  Another thing I noticed about WIX is the mobile viewing capabilities require a separate website design (same web address)  that your mobile users can access. (Yahoo and  Go Daddy are already compatible with mobile usage.) Mobile viewing is important because the average consumer accesses the web from their cell phones more than they do their PC.

Many of the web hosting companies offer  30- 75% off coupons periodically throughout the month. Just google the web hosting companies’ name and the word coupons.


f money is an issue at the time, you are tech savvy, or maybe you’ve  only designed your Facebook page, you can definitely build a website on your own. Starting a website may seem a little challenging. But I say you can do it!

Take time to play around with it. If you have a Facebook page, some of the same skills are similar to creating your website.

You can perfect and add later, or have someone redesign it overtime! 

I built my  first website on my own for my first business in 2003 …without a template. My website stayed in the top  SEO ranking on yahoo for my first and I had no formal training.. I learned as I went along. I spent about 10 hours getting it up and running. This was my first  time building a website.


  • You can probably do a starter website in a shorter amount of time with the upgraded technology,
  • a template,
  • having materials you want on your site ready with what you want to say and pictures available to apply to your pages.
  • Don’t let fear or the cost keep you from moving forward. Find a way.

Go ahead. Make your presence known on the web. Attract more customers and increase your sales.

 You can do it!


From My Experience to Yours,


Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Beauty Business Consultant to stars like you and everyday people who want to create a business and Lifestyle they LOVE!


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