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Are you tired of relationships that seem to drain you? Are you tired of meeting the wrong GUY/GIRL? Relationships are the currency to a fulfilled life. Your relationships influence your money, your happiness and your over all success. When you have great healthy relationships you are level-headed, motivated and empowered to live your best life. Relationships affect EVERYBODY! No one ducks having some type of relationship. You need them at home, at work, and in your everyday life. Understanding the purpose of relationships will bring success and prosperity running your way.


Relationships help shape everything you do and experience!

Many of my followers know that  my husband and I  reconciled our marriage after  2.5 years of separation. We are now in our 11th year of marriage! Boy, have I learned a lot! This has been a journey that I could have never imagined. It has been life changing… for the better!  I’ve spent the last four years studying and consulting with others on relationship matters. I’ve seen several marriages restored during this time, and many people in dysfunctional relationships come out on top. I even held a successful event called, “What Your Momma Didn’t Tell You”,  for women about relationships and marriage. Surprisingly, men began to contact me who were interested in truths about relationships as well. I really want people to experience clarity about relationships. They are so important in our everyday life. Because of this, I created a 90 day Relationships Matter Course  for everyone, answering questions and giving truths that you can apply in your life to maximize your relationships. I ‘ll deliver the Relationships Matter Course through weekly emails which will include videos, and personal downloadable plans over a 90 day time frame. This will help you to make sense of it all. Being in touch with my own relationships brought an awareness to people  who are hurt , confused and frustrated in their relationships. Just those emotions alone cause a halt in other areas in  life. Relationships affect your drive, your motivation and your money. Yep, your money.

 If you’d like to join me, it’s only $37 for the 90 day course. I’ll run the entire course through emails, weekly videos,  and more. I’ll offer you resources for maximizing your relationships and bringing balance into your life.

What will you gain from this course? In the 90-day“Relationships Matter Course” I will give you strong truths that apply to any good relationship, whether it be with your children, your spouse, boyfriend, parents, and mainly the one you have with yourself. I  will give you a guide to pin point direct areas in your life to focus on to bring a greater level of fulfilment in your life! There are  intricate principles and truths that transcend through any relationship you encounter. I’ll share them with you.  Have you ever felt so drained and exhausted from a relationships? (whether it was a working relationships, parental or a personal relationship),I’ll provide inspiration for moving forward, reconciling relationships and establishing new ones so that you can live your best life. Many people go on in life and drag all of their past relationships with them, making it difficult to meet their goals and live their dreams. I’ll show you how I moved from stressed to success.  Relationships are so important! They shape your quality of life.


The biggest thing I learned about relationships is they mainly deal with your thinking, your understanding, and your role. I will share how transforming my thoughts about relationships transformed every relationship I have for the better and made it easier to pursuit my goals and dreams to create the life I want. I never knew I had so much power as a single(yet married) individual.  I have grown in ways I never thought I even needed.

The Course will begin On March 9, 2015!

Join Me!


Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel Called Life!

Relationships Matter Course 90


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