Do you feel like your life is being sucked up behind the chair? Often times stylist feel stuck to the chair. ~If you don’t go to work  you don’t get paid. ~If you don’t work on the busiest […]
    So many thoughts and so much heartfelt concern as I continue to watch Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston’s recent battles flood my news feed on Face Book. My first thought is prayer […]


NOW is the time to redeem all the time that you feel you’ve lost. Certain times and seasons may have left you feeling that life just does not seem fair. Those failed relationships,  businesses, and attempts you’ve had […]
I don’t pay a lot of attention to the regular news stations.. I do catch it sometimes, because my husband watches it daily . I usually watch Christian News stations that line up with the prophetic words of the bible. Nothing […]
Non of my rewards, accomplishments, or achievements could  prepare me for what was about to happen in my business. I was innovative and thinking outside the box with my business. Often complimented for the excellent customer service and professionalism we […]
There are many ways to get wealth. There are established ways to help you  keep it! Two of the most important and fulfilling wealth building roles a man will have an opportunity to assume are the role of […]
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