I don’t pay a lot of attention to the regular news stations.. I do catch it sometimes, because my husband watches it daily . I usually watch Christian News stations that line up with the prophetic words of the bible.

Nothing unusual, to walk in the family room and the TV was still on the news channel after my husband left early for work. I got a glimpse of a woman being dragged out of an elevator by a man. I saw some post about #RayRice and abuse, but did not read them fully over the past few days. I wondered if the video and the bits and pieces I saw were related. I put 2 and 2 together and decided to search for a little more clarity on the disturbing clip I saw on the news. I was in an abusive relationship early in my life in high school. So I know too well the abuser and the victim. It lead me to begin studying the “why”, a long time ago.  My thoughts this morning led to the following post that I put on my social media sites.

We LEARN to be victims and we LEARN to be abusers.

We can live with the destructive behavior of either and know it’s wrong(but not know how to change it), if it is how we have always seen or received it. It is something that God has to be allowed to fix.

What we see in adults like #RayRice goes a lot further back then two years ago. And what we see in his wife, the acceptance goes way back as well. #generationalcurses

Until we learn the TRUTH…the root…

Often times the abuser/victim lives in denial about his /her behavior until something major happens and it is exposed to others (outside of the abuser/victim)  They rarely have strong people(which should be family) who care enough to tell them because they too carry the same behavior. Shame/Pride are spirits. You can take all of that to God without shame. #Befree. He will accept you and heal you.!

Our mind really has to be renewed about what LOVE is.  People love people and treat people the way they have experienced it, most often in their youth.

Abuse is not always physical! Domestic violence is a hurtful epedimic!

I believe and stand for strong (G)odly marriages. They are the strength of the strong children that we send out into the world.  A strong godly marriage will consist of two people in relationship with God, being taught and shown what LOVE really is and how to redirect their behavior to that of Christ like. The children this and walk in the TRUTH. They pass it on for generations to come. I am standing and praying for strong (G)odly marriages. Please join me!




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