Does your business run when you aren’t there?




In 2003 I opened a brick and mortar business, at that time it was a Salon & Boutique.
We offered only hair care services at that time( later a full-service Day Spa)
specialty clothing, ( I had formed relationships with wholesalers in the Garment District in New York, The Atlanta Market, and Wholesale companies online.) We only carried 3 of any clothing item at a time.
Skin care products,( Pure Shea Butter, Lotions and soaps)
and hard to find perfumes and fragrances. More of a Lifestyle Salon.

In 2005, one month shy of 2 years after opening I had my daughter.
After two weeks of being out of work completely, I attempted to go back to work( not servicing clients) to operate my front desk. I wanted to see hands-on how things were going! I got nightly reports of the sales from staff, but I needed to see 

That didn’t work.
I was not ready .
I realized quickly after only a few hours at the desk that I would do the entire 6 weeks like I very well should.

At 6 weeks I was struggling emotionally to leave my daughter in someone else’s care.
Luckily, one of my clients owned several Day Care’s in our city and one of the locations was a small private location for infants attached to her home. YESSSS.
That was definitely my best source of comfort because she had been a client of our salon for years. Even prior to me opening my own location.

She actually gave me this journal about a year before I stopped being a booth renter and on to ownership.
I wrote everything in this book, wholesale distributors, plans down to the dollar, marketing and retailing courses I would take, and several systems I created that would be the reason I was able to stay out of work and still function.

So off I go, back to work servicing clients in my business.
Then, my daughter got sick with a respiratory infection that had me out of work again. This time, I did not return to work fulltime for 8 months. I only worked about 4 hours of 2-3 evenings each week, but the salon remained open.
Thank God, my daughter didn’t stay sick for 8 months, but I really wanted her to be older before taking her to back to daycare.

How on earth did we stay open? I was in almost 2000 square foot of building, with staff, and in a prime location!

When I look back on it, I was nervous at that time. We were still fairly new, some of the staff were new, but systems, goals, and having other revenue streams definitely helped us in that season.

So many service-based business owners open the business and build jobs for themselves that require them to be present to make money! Even if they have staff, their focus is on getting clients for themselves.

I feel the goal for owners should be personal mastery and developing leadership not necessarily focusing on doing more customers themselves.

That experience taught me early that I wasn’t superwomen, it was okay to need help, and doing it alone was not the goal!

I encourage you this morning to get clear on your Growth Path for your business.

Build one that gives you time freedom and revenue without you being present!

You will build it and strategize completely different!

Success On Purpose

Your Transformational Growth Strategist/Business Mentor/ Life Coach


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Owning your time.. smashing your goals!

People aren’t as guilty of wasting their own time as they are of allowing other people to.


I took on a fascination with planning after years of avoiding my mom’s advice of writing things down in the ever so trusty planner she bought me, without fail, every year since graduating high school.

I learned that things just flowed better for me if I had it written down.

However, even with writing it down, I had to adjust my life and schedule to find time to do the things on the list!

You know those list you write and still don’t get the items done. 

I soon learned that prioritizing my time was also a huge part of smashing my goals.


When I listen to entrepreneurs who struggle to accomplish goals or put things in place that allow them greatness for the future, one of the main things I find is the habit of not knowing what to exchange when using their time wisely. 


Did you know, for every new thing you want to merge into your life or business, there is an exchange that must be made!

Like, you have to move something around or get rid of it all together. (bummer)

And surprisingly enough, entrepreneurs don’t just struggle with what to exchange as it relates to their time, but allowing other people to waste their time is a huge part too!


When you are set on creating the lifestyle and business that you love you really have to begin evaluating what you do with your time. Some good opportunities are not always great for your specific destiny.

When you’re focused on having more for your family, providing, being comfortable with your finances, not just hit or miss, you must learn to protect your time.

Decide what conversations and events are time busters and which really impact your business and life in a way that’s actually rewarding!

 Be more deliberate and intentional about the events you agree to.

Is your ideal customer there, does it allow you to make future connections for your business, do you maximize your time while there?


Take time to evaluate some of the things that are stealing your time.

Time is the one thing that we can’t get back.

Over and over again, if not careful, the habit of passing the same things over each year to our list becomes routine!

If you really are looking for change, as you move forward and progress from 2017 to 2018 protect your time. 

Here’s  are some things to consider as it relates to time management!

  • Evaluate what you’re doing with your time and how you’re allowing other people to waste it. It’s often a huge overlooked part of the process of figuring out how to find time to implement what’s needed to move forward.

You know, the unexpected phone calls from people who, if honest, the information can wait! 

The people who make their urgency your emergency.

 At the end of the year, you simply wonder, “Where did time go?”

I call those triggers. Things that throw you off of your flow and distract you from being productive.

I  do an exercise in a few of my private coaching courses that help my clients really become aware of those triggers. 

  • Triggers can be people, places, or things we allow to enter our flow and distract us, slow us down, or move us off the path to destiny!

Even people with good intentions can be a trigger. Their timing is just not right for you.

 It’s not always easy having to tell people, “I’ll call you later”, or, “These are my work hours, a more convenient time to talk would be…” Especially if it’s family!

You have to own your time.


There are things we allow into our lives that are simply out of synch with destiny plans.

Find clarity and grasp a level of awareness of where you really want to head.

Get flat-footed and centered on the things that are most important in your life… that is really going to help you create the business and the lifestyle that you love.

Valuing your time is going to be one of your best moves!

Time busters are also 

  • Working on the nonproductive task in business,
  • constantly tweaking the website,
  • constantly searching for new information without implementing,
  • binging on social media

So many things we overlook that we can exchange in order to get to next level!

Learn what your time busters are!

 What can you get firm about and make an exchange that will give you time to do the necessary.

 Make a conscious effort to measure what you do with your time over the next week.

Journal it.

 Then look to see where there are things that you can eliminate or shift til later while you work on things needed in your business that will help you smash your goals for 2018!

The sacrifices you make now will offer you the freedom you desire for later!

Let’s Smash Goals THis Year.

 Success On Purpose


The Shift




There will be a time or two, or three, in your business where you greatly sense something drastic has to happen differently.

You try ignoring it, pushing through it with the same strategies, but the feeling leaves you empty, unfulfilled and seemingly powerless unless you change directions.

Most people take this feeling or moments in time as a sign to give up, or begin having thought of doubt as it relates to their self-worth… “I’m just not good enough”, or maybe just decide that what they are experiencing is normal…. and they begin to settle.

I’ve come to believe that those times, when something seems to be pulling you one way or the other, down or up, are some of the most crucial, transitional, opportune times in your career. When you experience those uneasy feelings,  everything around it is actually calling you to Greater.

That’s when you have to change your perspective about the season you are in.

The atmosphere is preparing, molding, fixing, making available, and bringing awareness to what you need for greater.

It’s often God’s unrecognized gift!

Giving you a chance to create and build the best life you deserve.

 Maybe, just maybe, if you perceived that slow times in business a little different you would see major opportunities to expand and grow.

Slow times may not mean that your industry is going down or that the economy is bad.

It may mean there is something you need to shift, adjust, or do differently!

Think about it this way,

  • slow or uncomfortable times are specific divinely planned moments sent to give you the opportunity to reflect.
  •  Slow times are specific, planned, divine opportunities allowing you time to plan and strategize for greater.

Don’t miss those times being stressed and overwhelmed. Take full advantage of them.

If you feel you are in transition if you feel you are continuously going through a cycle of unfulfillment it is very likely you are on the cusp of the opportunity for The Shift!

Whether  that shift brings break-through in your life and business all depends on what you decide to sit down, reflect, and DO.

 Every bump, turn, disappointment, moment of chaos, feeling of uneasiness is inviting to experience the shift!

What do you need to reevaluate and plan differently in your life and business?  Take

advantage of life’s divine whispers to do it differently.  Fully Experience THE SHIFT!

From My Experience to Yours

Success on Purpose


Business Consultant to stars like you and everyday people experiencing this jewel called LIFE!


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Want to live your best life? You gotta plan it!

Do you feel like your life is being sucked up behind the chair?

Often times stylist feel stuck to the chair.

~If you don’t go to work  you don’t get paid.

~If you don’t work on the busiest days of the week you will loose your clients.

This is how many stylists feel! Mentality  feeling stuck behind the chair.

Although you love your craft, you don’t want to spend your whole life behind the chair!

For about half of my career (20+ years as a licensed cosmetologist), I might have taken 10 Saturday’s off  that weren’t work related, up until the last 5-7 years of my career. When I realized this, I knew I had to change.  I realized I needed a plan.

I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years.  I now only work two Saturdays or less per month, (some months I don’t work on Saturdays at all) and only work two late evenings each month! I take 8-day vacations without being stressed about client loss or added pressure of income lack. I was only able to do it with a plan

Are you living your best life?
Do you feel stuck in a routine that is not giving you the fullness of life you feel you deserve?
Do you want to take your family on a dream vacation? Do you feel overworked and underpaid?
~If you are feeling this way there is a great chance that you are just letting life happen, stuck in a routine that ‘s just not working! What you need is a PLAN.
Yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, you have to have a plan, such a simple statement can easily be overlooked.
~Like really, the answer can’t be that simple.

But it is!
Only when you understand WHY planning is so important.
`Planning becomes power when you understand why. When you truly understand the importance of planning it changes everything! When I begin to plan my life it shifted everything around me for the better. I wake up with purpose and clarity, I’m happier and more fulfilled. The list goes on.
~In this informational DVD , I explain why planning is so powerful to your best life and what you need to plan your best life! This DVD is regularly $39.00, today you can receive your copy for only $25.

My dad told me as a young girl, “Have a plan or plan to fail”.

I get it now!
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From My experience to yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Business Consultant?Speaker/Thought Leader

Your Best Life DVD

Looking for your Best life?

You gotta Plan It! 
~80% of success is in planning. The one thing we often forget to do. We come up with great ideas or dreams that only stay in our head and years go by without making them happen!
~Your Dreams, and goals need a plan in order to make them happen! 

Enjoy this thought provoking and motivating D

VD teaching you the importance of planning and what you need to do to plan your best life!

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GEt Your time Back! “Redeem the time”

wpid-sand-in-a-bottle.jpegNOW is the time to redeem all the time that you feel you’ve lost. Certain times and seasons may have left you feeling that life just does not seem fair. Those failed relationships,  businesses, and attempts you’ve had that may have gone under, were  preparing you for greater. You can redeem the time. Don’t let your age or your current situation be the reason you decide not to dream again, not to live again, not to do that thing on the inside of you that you feel pulling on your heart. You can redeem the time! You are not too old. It’s not too late.

Here are a few ways you can set out to redeem the time in YOUR life.

~Decide what’s priority in your life. Determine what’s most important. (What you are passionate about?)

~Set goals that work around what’s important to you. (Example: if family is important to you, set your goals around spending time with your family, and include or involve the family as often as possible along the way. You can join time with family in your business and activities. The advantage is connection and  also teaching younger members work ethic, responsibility, and teamwork . You can connect, growing, and learning together. Make calendar dates to spend time with family. It’s easy to say you are going to spend time with love ones , but unless you intentionally schedule it, life had a way of stealing that intentended time if it is not planned.

~ Make an assessment of how you spend your time daily.

Are there things that you need to cut back or remove all together, that are a waste of time. How much of your routine is adding to your life?  The TV shows you watch, do they inspire you to move forward on your passion, are they pushing you to actually work on your plan, or is it just entertainment. Everyone has the same amount of time each day. What you do with the time you have will make all the difference. Are you using the time you are given wisely?

~Protect your plan, passion and priorities.

Learn to say no. Keep your passion and priorities at the top of your list. Many things and opportunities will become available. If they don’t line up with your passion, plan and priorities don’t do it. Say no. It really is okay to say no.

~Learn to discern distractions.

Every opportunity, even if it is a good one, is not your obligation. Now that you have defined what your plans , priorities, and passions are you , can use that as a guide to measure if an opportunity is one that will help you move forward on what you have planned. Just because it’s good does not mean it’s for you!!

~ Your life was never designed to please EVERYONE.  For example, if you are married with children, your spouse and children come first everyday when making plans. Your plans should consider them first and then outsiders. This so critical. Often times we take care of everyone else and our own go lacking.  This will always cause a pull that will be draining and exhausting while pursuing your plans, passions, and priorities. It is the law of order and will cause conflict when attempting to function outside of it! Be okay with not being able to please everyone. Adapt a work-life balance. It is rare that you will make everyone you know happy. Starting at home will definitely set you in the right direction.

~Do an assessment of your association?

Do they add to your life? Are their conversations uplifting and enlightening for your pursuit or do you waste a lot of valuable time while in their company? Only you can truly answer that. Be willing to change what and who needs to change in your life. Your time is valuable. You can continue to do the same non productive things with the same people or fall back from them and own your time and use it wisely. Only you can truly get serious about redeeming the time!

If you work with diligence you can make up for the time you feel you lost. You have the power ! This is a map to redeem the time you feel you’ve lost. You are not too old. It’s too late.

You now  have tools to redeem the time you’ve lost on things that had nothing to do with your destiny! GO FOR IT!

From My Experience To Yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called life!

Redeem the Time!