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      This is the year to remove all excuses, not allow anyone else to own your power, and live your life.

Easy sign up, online convenience to fit your schedule. Spend the year with me as we master life together. I will be teaching this R.E.A.L Wealth Lifestyle Workshop this year on Facebook inside a secret group. All sharing will be private only among the members in the group, The R.E. A. L Wealth Lifestyle Workshop is in three sections with one of the three core principles of wealth taught each quarter. The core principles includes include three areas of wealth; tangible, spiritual and well-being . Stack Of Cash   The Three Core principles of wealth will be taught  inside a secret group on

FACE BOOK through video, email and downloadable information. By subscribing to become a part of the R.E.A.L Wealth Lifestyle Workshop  community, you will also receive discount and complimentary passes to some of the local classes I will offer throughout the year. Think of me as your personal accountability partner, mentor, coach, friend.  Meet other like-minded people and network while mastering YOUR life and finding or perfecting your purpose. This 12 month lifestyle workshop will  offer practical sound information for every area of your life including money, relationships, and well-being. I taught this  years ago in my home for one year. The class was thought provoking, inspirational and informative. Lives were changed and people were enlightened!

  My life journey has caused me to seek truth to many of the unanswered or constant questions many ask themselves in life:

How do I reach my money goals?

When will I find someone to love me?

How do I live the life that will offer me optimal health?

What is my next move?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?


Being self-employed and a business owner for over 20 years of my life,  achieving debt freedom after squandering my money, being reconciled with my spouse after 2.5 years of separation of an 11 year marriage, life has definitely taught me a thing or two . God has  ordered my steps and I want to share what I’ve learned with you. Subscribe now for this great opportunity, a guide for the entire year and access to resources, a personal motivator, and connection with other like-minded people who refuse to live the same way forever. Let’s start 2015 off in the right direction.  Obtain a lifestyle of R.E.A.L Wealth that is fulfilling.

For a short time, the low cost of $10 dollars per month is all that’s required and your are in! The price will increase after February 7, 2015.  That simple. I am doing this at such a low cost because I want to offer this opportunity to as many people as possible. Trust me, I have been at a place where every dollar counted, so I want to make this affordable for everyone. I understand wealth to be a three part entity. It is Spiritual, Tangible and Well-being. This lifestyle workshop will cover each area. You’ll have access to the information at your fingertips and at your convenience. The workshop will begin on March 9, 2015 with our first video seminar.

Here is more detail on what the class will offer:

Budgeting, financial prosperity, debt freedom, and more, You will get your own personal budget sheet with practical ways to save money that you can use in your personal and business life, Savings tips, and debt freedom truths.


Clarity and understanding on spiritual aspects of your life including the importance of good relationships with yourself and others, good relationships in business, marriage and parenting and more

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Health Tips and Well Being, mental, emotional, and physical health. Tips and resources for healthy living.


We are going to have fun while we grow.  Will you join me? Do you want your tangible and spiritual wealth to be different this year?

I am offering this at the super low-cost of $10 per month until February 7, 2015. The price will increase for those that join after the cut off date.  Reserve your space today! Start making your dreams and goals a reality.

1 year-you may cancel subscription at anytime

From My Experience to yours, Tanya Wilson-Cherry Consultant to stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!.


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