1/2 Way There!

So,  we are almost halfway finished with 2016. Can you believe it? As we celebrated this Memorial Day we are almost at the halfway mark for the year.
Wow! Times Flys!
Studies show that two months ago over 75% of people who had set goals at the beginning of the year had fallen back to their normal routines. I wonder what the statistics are for the half way mark?

Many had plans, goals, and dreams at the beginning of the year, whether it was weight loss, spend more time with the family, plans to increase income, grow their business, get out of debt, the list goes on.
This is a great time to sit and reflect to see just how far you’ve come. Find a way to measure how far or how close you are to your goals.
Give yourself some congratulations for your accomplishments. Be sure to remind yourself of just how much you have done, whether it’s big or small. Then decide of you need to head in another direction to receive greater results. Decide if this year is promising as it relates to your goals or if this year is looking very similar to the years before.
It’s so easy to feel busy and not really be progressing. If this is you here are three things you can do

      #1 Write down specifics of what you want to achieve( make realistic goals with a plan)
#2  Find things that remind you of where you are headed… not where you don’t want to head!

#3  Make sure you are spending time with  progressive people. It does wonders for your             motivation and your thought process.

 Remember your best life is always waiting on you.
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If you need to get back on track remember to do the 3 things I listed above.
Your Best Life is Waiting on YOU!


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