There was a time when our country was built on simple basic principals…that worked. Principles that include respect, integrity and compassion. Where has all of that gone ?

With the fast-paced, busy world we live in, trying to get to the next appointment, working on smartphones, all of our digital gadgets, things we buy to make life more convenient and easy, somehow we’ve missed out on the one important thing that ties it all together. Proper communication! Not only is it missing in our homes, but definitely in our businesses. Rushing, trying to get it all done and get more done, we forget the basic foundation by which every fundamental principle is based. We want fast food, fast cars, fast responses, fast information, fast processing on our PC’s, and we want it all now. If  not careful, the effort to achieve will over shadow the basic principles of life.

Information at our fingertips can cause you feel ready and knowledgeable.  Always ready with the who, what, when, where and why but sometimes forgetting the ” How are you/”, “How do you feel?”, and” How was your day?” Those questions are still important! Seemingly basic, but important.  The world has majored on the minors simply forgetting to BE. Things like  respect, compassion, and honor. You must go back to the basic foundation to propel forward, in any area.

Let’s not forget how to connect.  Even in our social media connections. People are drawn to sincerity, kindness and concern.

I devised a class a few years ago that holds concepts to propel your life and career. Although I am just launching it to the public, I feel  it is more necessary now then it was when I filmed it. Geared towards an industry that I love, The Beauty Industry, the class on DVD is called “Back To Basics!” For those of you in the beauty industry, you’ll love it. It will open the door to insight that we sometimes overlook and give opportunity for new doors for your career in the Beauty Industry!

These seemingly simple things will take  businesses, relationships and marriage to the next level . We must go back to the basics to soar to new heights. You can buy the class here on DVD.

Back To Basics Beauty Industry

There is more to the chair than behind the chair!

From My Experience To Yours,

Tanya Wilson-Cherry

Consultant to Stars like you and everyday people walking out this jewel called LIFE!



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