Until you change your thinking

until you change your thinkingIf you’ve followed me for a while you know I love sharing quotes with my community.

I recently saw one that sorta rounded up what I believe in one sentence.



Until you change your thinking you will recycle your experiences.


When I tell you this is true.

So many times people attempt to start over, start fresh, get a new home, new car, move to a new city, begin a new job and within a few years, if not months, they feel the absolute same that they felt once before.

Maybe you’ve experienced this. You may have ended an unhealthy relationship, put it behind you, forgave yourself and moved on. Got a new take on life and met someone else, only to feel the same shortly after. I’ve done that before!

And it wasn’t until I changed some specific things in my thinking that relationships changed for me!

Some people have been able to pay off their bills and have a fresh start, Maybe their finances had been a little rocky for quite some time and they were able to pay off debt, or maybe they filed bankruptcy and just started over. But, within years or even months, their situation began to look the same, yet again. ( Studies show people who win millions in the lottery are often broke again within 3 years) That has a lot to do with their money blue print and what I call MONEY BLOCKS.

Until you change your thinking you will recycle your experiences!



No one truly wants to go for years duplicating things in their salon career or business, their life, or relationships, just ultimately repeating cycles that aren’t truly fulfilling!

For me, this became really important years ago in my life, important that I didn’t continue to create outside success and internal mess. I began developing systems to get unstuck and most of them dealt with my thinking. I share many of those major principles with my coaching and consulting clients! 

 I’ve had clients go from not enough to overflow. From not enough clients to overbooked.

They changed what they felt was possible for them, they changed their limiting thoughts on their actual value and the possibility available for people to make the exchange for their services. and what they needed to do to posititon themselves for increase.

Before, they spent so much time chasing clients that couldn’t afford their services, or who were only looking for a deal… they began to lose hope!

What happened????

They changed their money blueprint…their thoughts about money being an abundant resource!

 They changed their thinking!

Click here to hear some of their success stories!

What thoughts could you change about what’s available for you?


Money BlocksWhat's Blocking your next level money- (1)Success On Purpose,


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Tanya Wilson-Cherry consults with individuals, families, and businesses on things that may be holding them back and what can be done to propel them forward. After successfully running a salon/ spa business for over 10 years, and being an educator in her industry, Tanya has taken her personal experience and business savy to new heights in her consulting career. Tanya received the inspiration award in the city of which she lives in 2010, was chosen to speak to a group of budding entreprueners in a seed program for the Chamber of Commerce in 2013, spoken for churches and organizations, consulted with many successful small businesses, and helped to bring balance to single moms and struggling families through her classes, seminars, and one on one coaching sessions. It is truly Tanya's desire to enhance the lives of others, professionally and personally, that they may acquire the abundant life she believes is intended for us all.

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