My clients are amazingly talented individuals! They have individual goals and visions that align with their unique idea of success. I help them uplevel their mindset and strategies to make those goals happen with the opportunity to expand! 

Amazing Clients



I can breathe. Working with Tanya has been great. I have more time with my husband. I feel comfortable not calling and popping up on my staff. I can focus more on working on my business and not in it! I should have come to you a long time ago!

Author, Entrepreneur, Owner of Nulook Lashez and Glassez, Nu Look Bounce Party, Nu Look Mobile Detailing

Shelia Leggette

Angie -

Salon Owner  "Salon Empyre " 

Before the 3D Sucess Mentorship Class, I was stuck on what was my next move and WHEN?  I was at a place where I was desiring to expand my business but felt overwhelmed with the thought of everything that comes with owning a salon. In attending this boot camp every Monday night Tanya helped us dig a little deeper, with homework assignments that touched on not only business but physically,   spiritually & mentally.  She made things a lot simpler with teaching how to create systems and effective marketing strategies.  How to get organized and simply choose a day, an hour or a few minutes daily to GET THINGS DONE! 

I’m at a place now, I’m focused on  in setting  deadline’s and 

fully completing a task before taking on another. The highlight, of the class, is she holds you accountable for you- unfinished business(homework)  & that itself makes you recognize any issues that stopping your next level. In the words of Tanya, “guys.. you either want it or you don't” and  Your actions on a daily will answer that for you.

I really appreciate Tanya for all her help and support in this season of my career.  

I would like to say that I have really enjoyed your live videos on fb. They have really inspired me. I would especially like to thank you for the 12-month Email Marketing Plan Class. I had no clue how fruitful this would have become when I decided to participate in it. The icing on the cake is when you offered the CLASS… BONUS!!!!!! This class made me re-evaluate some things and put things in perspective. My biggest take away from this class is how you opened me up to focus on KEY POINTS in my business and my clients, that has help me tremendously and now I don’t feel all over the place. I now use the tools, the letters and the great ideas you often talk about. It makes my client feel very well connected! I thank you for all of you countless efforts and time that you pour into those willing to listen and willing to grow in their business. I can say my clients and I are going to another level and they are LOVING the new changes. Also, I appreciate you not being one to educate and then vanish. You followed up with me and continue to encourage and celebrate me for that, I have shared with others how much of an impact you have helped me with when I applied what you’ve taught. Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!!

Timeka D

Hats Off Barber & Beauty Shop LLC

Sojourna Worthy Twist –

Salon Owner – Hair Product Creator

Twist It Sistah Salon

Keisha Mobley- Salon Owner  ` Element Salon 7

-Brand, Build Profit – Salon Systems and Business Foundation Master Session

Before connecting with BBP Master Session I was in the part of my business level where it is time to incorporate staff and I knew what I wanted but was a little stumped on how to go about incorporating them into my daily routine. I enrolled in her Salon Systems and Business Foundation Segment and I tell you I received so much clarity on how to set up the job descriptions and how to hire for those positions. The outline that she shared with us can be used for any position in the Salon. Her attention to detail for what you need as a client and how she delivers the information is phenomenal. 
If you are in a position where you know that’s it really time to take your business to the next level and you are truly ready to receive information that will help give you clarity and specific instructions on how to strategically make your next move, this is the program for you. She challenges your thought process as well as your mindset!
You must be ready to Dig Deeper if you want to go to your next level. In her words “You must go deep before you go wide”. 
Thank You so much 
Tanya Wilson-Cherry for all that you do for our Industry 
Keisha Mobley  

Miesha Edmonds

Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Trichologist, Trainer to Licensed Stylist

Slay Your Plans and Profit Course


  • 3D Success Mentorship and Branding Boot Camp ~This was phenomenal! I’ve invested SO much into educating myself in this industry the past 2 years & this has to one of my top best ROI – already. Thank you  WOG for your obedience!!!!! Love you forever!😘😘😘

~Raytillia R. Balam -“Radiance by Raytillia Salon & Mini-spa”

Bernadette Miles  -Very informative, knowledgeable, personable, speaks with wisdom, insightful, encouraging, transparent, are just a few words to describe Tanya Wilson-Cherry. I’m so glad I came across one of her post on IG and because her messages were always consistent, showed me that she was the real deal �. Her classes will definitely help you get to the next level. I’ll be back for more!

Simone J -804 Braids

Licensed Cosmetologist, Trainer to stylist,

Slay Your Plans and Profit Course

Stacy B Williams-I absolutely Love Tanya!! I’m a licensed cosmetologist since 1992 and was about to give up & walk away from the industry. But after listening & implementing the strategies I’ve learned from her…. I’m ready to gear down & re-birth my dreams. 

Dianna Urfavstylist

Salon Owner- Melvira’s Hair Studio

Just did an awesome conference call with Tanya Wilson-Cherry ! If you’re trying to grow in the beauty industry you should chat with her asap! #MHSGROWTH- Melvirsa’s Hair Studio

Houston Vines-

Service Based Business Owner- Videographer, Web Designer

Slay Your Plans and Profit Course

Sharonda Thomas

Salon Owner 

Hair Color & Shears Inc.

Tanya is very knowledgeable about helping you become prosperous in your business, mine happens to be in the beauty industry. I have taken a couple of her classes and in the process have been squeezed and made uncomfortable in a great way! I have gained so much needed information and as I continue to implement it I will walk right into a healthy and wealthy place. I was so excited about the results I gained after receiving a nugget she shared on one of her free broadcast. She taught how we could change the settings on our business page to where when a potential client left a message they would be prompted with a message from me. Well, I set it up letting them know that I would get in contact with them ASAP, but to call to make an appointment. Well I had a new client to call and schedule with me today (she was referred by someone that I am cross-marketing – A strategy taught in 3d Success Mentorship and Branding Bootcamp) and when I went to my FB page later I saw that she had visited my page and the message had prompted her to call to make an appointment. I was super stoked! What she says works if you do the work. I am more excited about my future than I have ever been!

  • Tonya Smallwood-Parker, Salon Owner  Anointed Touch Salon

I love Tanya. I have been following her now for about 6 years or longer and she is truly heaven sent. She has really helped me in every area possible that has to do with the business side of running a salon effectively. She truly helps you get to the next level in your career. I was very much stuck and lost and I prayed for help and God sent me Tanya. So I am so thankful for her and I pray that God continues to use her to bless other people that are where I use to be. I needed to gain clarity on how to start my business.  What services should I focus on for my clientele? The greatest advantage was getting clarity on which service to focus on.  Creating goals in all areas of my life to be balanced. 

Denise Hewitt

Salon Owner. Hair Loss Specialist( Cert. Trichologist)

Slay Your Plans and Profit helped me to be more intentional with my business. I got more clarity on my income and how to achieve my goals. Thank you, Tanya! Denise Hewitt 

Hair Essential Maitland Florida

*Denise shared her income increased by 30% in 3 weeks with the profit strategies in this course!

Aja Gorham( Aja is licensed cosmetologist in 2 states) Prior to Slay Your Plans and Profit course but was not utilizing her skill. She wanted to work a limited number of days and dedicate the bulk of her time to her family! Her beliefs shifted about what was possible. She is now creating a salon industry career that aligns with her values.

Aja~ Before Slay your plans, I needed to gain clarity on how to start my business.  What services should I focus on for my clientele? The greatest advantage of the class for me was getting clarity on which service to focus on and creating goals in all areas of my life to be balanced. Tanya can help you focus on your immediate and future goals.  She enables you to cut the clutter to get a clear view of your goals. I was able to finally jump out of my comfort zone and rent a rental chair.  Everything that could go wrong with the initial salon did.  Long story short the owner no longer wanted to do one-day chair rentals, only weekly.  I am only currently interested in working in a salon one day a week. I was tempted to just call my clients and tell them I would drive to their homes to provide their services.  However, that did not fit into my vision for how I wanted to provide service long term.  Thanks to the planning I had done in Tanya’s class I had access to booking information to another salon because I had done the research for my area.  Even though I was afraid of looking “unprofessional” I called all my clients to change the salon location.  Surprisingly, no one canceled their appointment.  I even gained two more clients last minute.  Thanks to Tanya’s class I had been proactive in planning business contacts for last minute changes.  This class helped me implement my plan to start achieving my dream of being a beauty professional. ~ Aja Gorham Licensed Cosmetologist

Miesha Edmonds 

Licensed Cosmetologist / Certified Trichologist The Situation Room

Clarity Call

Absolutely amazing! I’m convinced that the 30 minutes that Tanya spent with me has catapulted my career into greater success! There were simple tips and strategies given that made all of the pieces to my “puzzle” come together! Money well spent! An investment in my future and I’m excited!

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