Your Growth Track to success.

I know you!
 You are a visionary.  You have tons of ideas and dreams for your life and business.  And you want to do it in a major way.
You know you deserve more!
The life you desire to create is not average.
Not just any life. One of significance!
You want to help people in a major way and you know you serve to be blessed generously in the process. So much so you keep thinking of new ideas and new ways you can share your genius with them!
 Sometimes, those ideas come so fast… you lose focus.
Do your Dreams and goals overwhelm you?
What’s the real reason you haven’t moved forward?
 Maybe you have moved forward but you still feel like you are all over the place!
Maybe things are working, but not how you know they truly should be.
There is no flow to what you are creating!
Years ago, I felt the same way too.
 As a woman, I struggled with fulfilling my dreams and being available for my daughter and family. Almost as if I needed to wait until my daughter left home to pursue my dreams.
I shifted all of that and realized she deserved to see me pursuing my dreams, it has created more opportunity for her.
I knew I had some amazing dreams and goals I wanted to achieve for myself, my family, and those I would encounter and impact in the world! and some of them I had already put in motion. But trying to blend my personal and business and all the ideas that continuously surface I literally felt stuck.
Until I gained clarity on one thing.
My vision!
 I developed systems that allowed me to push forward and smash goals, instead of just talking about them or praying they would manifest. I began randomly sharing the systems with others and guess what they worked! I begin teaching them to clients, then hosting small classes, and before you knowing other small businesses and organizations were hiring me to teach the systems and principals.
I began using the principals in my coaching and consulting and watching other entrepreneurs use them and soar.  One client increased her income by 30% in as little as 3 weeks with the same principals.
Not only do my clients see amazing results, but I still use the systems and principals today to plan out my entire year of services and profit projections a year in advance. It has become one of my staple group Coaching Programs I offer only twice each year.
Are you ready to move into a real plan, a true growth track, and greater profits in your business?
Studies show that most businesses fail because they don’t have a real plan! A clear Vision is what helps you develop a plan that actually works.

 In this 4 Week Opportunity, You will learn

In this impactful 4-week planning class you will bring clarity to your vision.

  • Take all your ideas, dreams, and goals and create a vision for them.
  • Strategies to get unstuck and move forward with your true power.:
  • Abundance Mindset Tools to change your money beliefs and habits and earn more
  • New Profit Strategies to increase your income and increase your time freedom for the entire year in order to manifest your goals and create the business you love

Learn my proven RRF Factor TM to move past procrastination

  • Form quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals with the system taught in this class. You can use this system over and over each year
  • Time management Systems
  • You will learn personal triggers and distractions in your individual Journey that may be holding you back and how to apply steps to defeat them so that you can get it done.

Access the training immediately. Apply the training along with your workbook 

When is the last time you took a month to Reflect, Reposition and Focus on your life and business and had instruction from a Next Level Business Coach and Mentor to guide you?

Dripped to your email weekly for 4 weeks (Lifetime download access)

$997 Value

For 2 days until midnight November 30th Only $297


Slay Your Plans $297

No Refund Policy Our digital course allows us to offer you amazing value and lifetime use.  You have immediate access to this product. for immediate use and results. This product and its content are 100% digital so there are no refunds. 


Without Vision… people perish!

Vision is that thing that simplifies your life!

It helps you make powerful, purposeful decisions that impact the results you have in your life!
It picks your company, it chooses your whereabouts and dictates your focus!

It dictates your yeses and no’s simplifying the process!

Without it, or at least without clarity on it,  there is a tendency to do anything, or some of everything, which often leads to confusion and burn out!

With clarity on your Vision, you are sensitive to how you invest your time or your money!

The moment you gain vision clarity, your business and life will shift, for some.. quantum leap!

A Quantum leap is when your business and life does a huge or sudden ascension!

I’ve worked with individuals whose lives changed drastically in 90 days to 1 year when they gained clarity on their vision and strategies on how to move forward. For some, it’s like redeeming the time that once felt lost and taking massive action with a consistent flow on what they truly desire for their destiny!

Brandi Nichole Wallace – Image Consultant and Confidence Coach

Need a clear Vision for your Life and Business with a plan?

Not sure what to do with all your ideas and goals?
Do they sometimes feel like a never-ending list?
Does your big idea(dream) feel as if it’s taking a lot longer than you imagined?
 If you want massive growth in your business you need a clear vision and a real plan!
 Working your vision should allow you to create a lifestyle you love!
Many entrepreneurs find themselves in the same place, mainly because of their big idea(goal) is still in the dream stage.
This is the stage where you’ve simply been winging it! Not fully connected and unclear!
Maybe what you desire has taken you places, but not where you truly desire to go in your business and life.
Your dreams(goals) need real clarity, strategy… a real plan.

Studies show that not having a  real strategy and plan is one of the major reasons entrepreneurs don’t make it!

That doesn’t have to be you.

This is an experience that will change the way you operate and profit in your business and life!

4-week online course! Dripped to your email weekly (Lifetimetime download access) Complete with workbooks for each week.

$997 Value For 2 days until midnight November 30th Only $297


No Refund Policy WOur digital course allow us to offer you amazing value and lifetime use.  You have immediate access to this product. for immediate use and results. This product and its content are 100% digital so there are no refunds. 

Align your actions with your desires and go from planning to and saying …

to manifesting

“Move into Implementing and Profiting!”

~Denise Hewitt, Salon Owner- Certified Trichologist


Miesha Edmonds- Certified Trichologist and Licensed Cosmetologist

Simone – 804 Braids- Licensed Cosmetologist



$997 Value For 2 days until midnight November 29th Only $297


Slay Your Plans $297
No Refund Policy Our digital course allows us to offer you amazing value and lifetime use.  You have immediate access to this product. for immediate use and results. This product and its content are 100% digital so there are no refunds. 

Week 1 -Vision

This session is designed to help you break free of STUCK AND UNCERTAINTY.

Giving you a clear path that aligns with your true values and desires and offers you a roadmap and strategy to get it done and see favorable results.

Ever wondered how some people manage to get so much done in their business?

If they are doing it effectively I’m willing to bet they have a strategy! They aren’t just guessing!

If you have a lot of ideas for your business that seem stuck in neutral or you constantly find yourself back to square 1,   the same things on your goal list each year, chances are great that you have not clearly defined a real plan with a strategy that will yield results.

I once heard this statement that changed my life!

 “If your plan is not strategically written

down on paper, with steps and obtainable dates that

will help you get to your next level you are

still in the dreaming stages.”

What an AHA moment that was.

It really changed the way I structured my life and business. One thing that has truly helped me to progress in my life and business is having a real plan that completely and fully aligned with the business and lifestyle I love!

Each year I plan my new year out months in advance before that New Year even starts.

It has proved to be absolutely powerful!

This course will give you a roadmap to keep you focused on the main thing – allowing you more personal freedom and a path to profits

Does it feel like you are busy but not really profiting or unfulfilled in your process?

What you need is a strategic plan that aligns fully with the business and lifestyle that you love. I would love to help you create that!

Many people lose sight and hope in their dreams because they are trying new things all the time and many of the things have nothing to do with where they’re headed.

If your true vision is strategically written on paper it is a focal point for you to remain focused, a focal point for you to combat distractions, even avoid good opportunities that aren’t good for your unique vision.

My dad taught me this as a little girl.

It never rang more true for me than in entrepreneurship.

“Have a plan or plan to Fail”

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned.

Join Me  inside this 30-day course and plan for a dynamic DECaDE 2020

For 2 days until midnight November 29th Only $297

($997 value)

Slay Your Plans $297
No Refund Policy Our digital course allows us to offer you amazing value and lifetime use.  You have immediate access to this product. for immediate use and results. This product and its content are 100% digital so there are no refunds. 

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