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“I believe that success is a full circle experience that involves, mindset, personal development, and business building!

This is the exact space my clients get to explore when working with me, Full Circle!”

I remember starting out in my career, all I could see was getting behind the chair.  I often think about how long I sat on that one view of what was possible for my life and career. Until I began feeling stuck!

Something happened around my 10th year in the industry. I no longer wanted to be tied to the chair.  I began craving something more!  My endeavor was salon ownership. And though there are many other options it worked for me uniquely at the time!

But not without guidance!

When I first graduated from beauty school, after one year of working at a very popular commission based salon, staying busy and booked, I decided to step out on my own as a booth renter.

Guess what… I flopped.  I was a great skilled stylist and had actually landed the job at that busy salon before I even finished beauty school. The owner came to find me. So, it wasn’t my skill set. I didn’t understand business, marketing, branding,  retention, profits, etc. You know all the stuff that makes a significant difference in a struggling stylist and a 6 figure earner.

It wasn’t until  I worked with my mentor that I really began to understand the business side of the industry. There were simply some business principals that weren’t taught in beauty school!

After being mentored for about 5 strong years, I tried stepping out on my own again and SOARed. 

Soon after, I opened my own full-service Salon and Day Spa for over 10 years prior to consulting full time for the industry.

This is why I have such a high regard for mentorship.

So many stylist struggles in the industry, rarely because they aren’t good stylist as far as their skill set, but because they lack guidance and business and marketing knowledge.

There were many things I’ve learned during mentorship that allow me even more freedom in creating a unique brand where I  attract the right people and create new revenue streams to work smarter and not harder…freedom from being tied to the chair.

After 24+ years as a  licensed cosmetologist ,10 years as a former salon owner, and as a Transformational Growth Strategist, I now pass the torch and teach other hairstylist and salon owners to build amazing businesses and lifestyles they love!

More profit and freedom!

There are definitely many components to obtaining success. If no one ever tells you, you can spend years feeling stuck in one position, missing so many opportunities to grow and make even more money and create the life you truly desire.

 You can even become complacent in what’s really not working…True 

  •   I help salon owners and hairstylist Brand their business to attract their ideal customers. Branding is so much bigger than logos, colors, and websites, although that is a significant portion of Branding, it starts much deeper than that.

It aligns with who you are, your values and often your why! When there is clarity on that, branding and attracting clients becomes easier and more profitable! I help you get clear on that and position yourself to create an amazing brand!

  • I help my clients Build results-driven branding and marketing strategies that allow you to produce more Profit in ways that allow you more time and financial freedom! 
  •  I provide salon industry coaching/consulting that helps Beauty Industry Professionals build their business and get to their next steps necessary for business growth.

 Salon Professionals that work with me leave with systems, marketing and clarity to create the business and life they love.



Often times hair stylist and salon owners focus all their energy on their skillset and overlook some of the critical things that help them build a sustainable salon career!

How Can I Help?

How To Grow Your Salon Business.

 Do You Need Clarity on what stage you are in as it relates to your Salon Career?

Knowing this helps you determine what steps you need to take for your next level!

 I believe every salon professional goes through a few stages in the cycle of business. 

During these stages, there are different strategies needed for each level.

This is sometimes  known as the S-Curve

The number of years you’ve been in the industry does not determine what stage you’re at in your salon business or career!

 Stages of growth in a  salon business or salon career !

Want to know more clearly where you are in your salon career?

Click Below

A salon industry resource to operate in a growth-mindset,  gain clarity on who you are as a Salon Brand and how to position that in the marketplace to be found by your ideal customers. 

Let’s face it, the way you connect with new, existing, and potential salon clients has changed.  With social media and technology clients are online now, just like you are! Now more than ever you need strategies and results-driven solutions to help you remain relevant, connected and profitable in your career! And That’s exactly what I help you achieve!

Maybe you feel stuck?

Are you highly driven and simply needed strategies that allow you to receive massive Growth in your Salon Career of Business. Sometimes the first step is to shift your mindset!


I believe possibilities are unlimited.

One of my favorite quotes by Mya Angelou,

“When People Know Better they Do Better”

To Know better is simply

A deeper knowing of TRUTH.

Most people have many reasons they give for why businesses fail: lack of money, not having the right staff, they needed better managers, more time, the list goes on.

But I believe it is based on a few sound principles. one being “resourcefulness“. Our ability to dig deeper, go further, and find the information! Many often lose their creativity, imagination, and drive to go one step further and miss their breakthrough. right before it happens!
Most problems are simply based on a lack of information! Everything has a solution!

You’re the solution to someone’s problem in the market-place.

That means when you create value and solve problems you up-level your opportunity to succeed!

And I teach you how to do that!

If you know you have something great, an amazing idea that solves a problem that people will pay for, you could definitely have an opportunity create success in your salon industry career!

Another amazing principle is centered around “relationships.” The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your destiny! Your relationships are like vehicles that help take you to the next level!

I help you align and established relations ships that are win-win  for increased brand awareness and success.
And lastly, if I had to sum it all in three categories, the next would be “mindset”, but not necessarily in any order.

 Our belief has everything to do with what will and won’t do as it relates to our business success! 

If you believe you can you will, if you believe you can’t you won’t ~Unknown

We’ve been conditioned to some many things during our lifetime of experiences and what we’ve been exposed to! The way we think has everything to do with business success!

 It is my heart to help others get to their next level and beyond. I am able to combine my expertise as a Business Consultant, Certified Life Coach, over 20 years as a self-employed business owner in the amazing Beauty Industry, and my love for seeing people win, into an amazing career that allows me to do what I love while teaching others to do the same!

 I’d Love to work with you! I offer several coaching programs or one on one opportunities to profit in your business and build the business and life you love!

I invite you to connect with me or hang out here with me!

Let’s bring things Full Circle!


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