Ever heard the phrase, robbing Peter to pay Paul”? It’s a concept where you are borrowing money from one source to pay another source. Never really having enough to make it all happen.

Kind of like the Check Cashing Systems companies. If you are not careful, you’ll work to pay them back and be in what seems like a never-ending cycle.

Studies show that 8 in 10 Americans are broke and over 200 million don’t have a budget! With those statistics even taking a family vacation can be hard.


Is taking your family on vacation a struggle or a great deal of excitement until you come back and have to face the reality of not having enough to cover the light bill, or car payment, or even basic necessities. That feeling can ruin the whole trip.

Whether you have experienced job loss, having to go from a two-income household to a one-income household, or if you simply need to get a grip on your finances and spending there is hope. There are some basic principles to budgeting and finances that can truly change your life and position you to truly prosper.

Not having enough money and being in bondage to debt can be a nightmare!

Not having enough and being limited from some of what would seem like simple things for the family-like vacation, activities for the children,  being unable to invest in things to grow your business, getting personal maintenance like nails, hair, or even gas in the car, without feeling like you won’t have enough to make ends meet afterward, is not living your best life! It can feel like it will never get better.

But, it can.

Are you tired of stress about lack, being in a space of Just enough, or missing opportunities to grow your business because you just don’t have the extra?

~The last thing you need when building a business is added stress about money!

If you are looking to change your financial situation and you know you need help join this clear-cut class on a basic foundation for finances This is a two-week virtual class.

In this class You Will:

~You be shown how to create a firm monthly budget 

You will clearly see what money you have that you didn’t know existed. ( you will not be asked to share your information about your financial numbers, but you will create your budget in class)

~be given strategies to get out of debt

~You’ll learn about hidden fees that could be taking you to the bank

~You’ll learn how to find your money. You may overlook your spending that seems small, but adds up to a BIG DEAL!  

~You will also learn savings tips for travel, daily living, and planning for future things.

Want to find hidden money in your right now situation?




Downloadable 2 Week Video Training Version and Workbook Regularly $197


Offer includes:

    • 2 weeks of  downloadable training DVD/and or Video Training
    • A  downloadable workbook
    •  A blank budget sheet to begin your process!
    • FYI information sheet with savings on Restaurants, daily living savings options, credit report access…and more
      Click below for access to download Weeks 1 & 2 of the class sent to your email 
    • Downloadable 2 Week Video Training Version and Workbook$197


      Get Your Money $137

      It really breaks my heart to see people and understand they are struggling in an area where they have more control then they think. Why? Because I HAVE BEEN THERE! Trust me I have been in almost all of these positions before. It’s so stressful. It’s actually like working to pay bills. There is nothing fulfilling about that.

      I’m not a certified financial advisor, however as an entrepreneur and business owner for over 20 years,

    • After having what I call Angelic encounters that changed my life about my finances, I saved over 10 thousand +  in 2 years, opened my first brick and mortar business debt-free, have had new vehicles, but haven’t had a car payment in over 20 years, and maintain no credit card debt passed 30 days.  I have learned and used strong basic financial principles to get out of debt for years. I have taught others how to form a budget, find hidden money in their right now situation, and move forward to prosper. A recent person I helped just this year found $600 monthly in one area of spending that they could use to build their business. Are you seeing money come in your life but have no idea where it is all going? More than likely you have access to money NOW that you just aren’t aware of? I’ve found that what’s in your hand is usually enough to start. It’s not always how much you make but how you manage it. Did you know you could tell your money what to do? I’ll show you how in the, “Get Your Money/ Get Your Life – Budgeting Basics For Prosperity Class! There are everyday people working hard and barely making it, facing eviction, trying to make it happen for their families, running a business to help make that happen, but the bottom line is just not cutting it!The last thing you need when building a business is added stress about money! You need to have access to money in order to invest in growing your business.

      Do you need new equipment for your business, a website, or some assistance but you just can’t seem to come up with the money to get it done?

      A great step to prosperity is to know exactly where you are by putting things into perspective.

      I had a heartfelt conversation early in my career with what I’d like to call an angel.

      When we finished the conversation I was in tears. The revelation of how much money I “actually had” to my name shifted my entire mindset about my money.

    • Ironically, someone had just asked me how much was I worth??? What they meant was, when I subtract my debt from how much I had saved, how much was I worth? I was not happy! These were not coincidental conversations, they were divine. I had two AHA moments. I set my mind on higher heights, came home from my visit with an angel, (SMILE), and went on a serious budget. I still lived,…I wasn’t a hermit, but I did things differently. In two years I saved enough o open my salon debt-free. (No loans, no credit cards)I created a system that I’ve taught several others and I’d like to teach it to you! This is a two-week course on clarity in your finances and steps to make it happen differently, SO YOU CAN TRULY PROSPER. After all, if we are making money, but barely getting by, there is little room to enjoy what we have. It’s Truly Times to Get Your money, so you can Get Your Life and Prosper! Let’s make it happen.
    • Get your Money, Get Your Life.. so you can Profit! All you need is your pen and an open mind to change.

Two Options to Purchase

Option 1 Dvd Copy Shipped to your home ( Not available ) 

Dvd Version shipped to your home( Not Available at this time)y)Reg. $197


    • Two Weeks Downloadable Video Training Download to Your Device for Lifetime access)


Downloadable 2 Week Video Training Version and Workbook





Get Your Money $137

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