Year Long Master Mind and Coaching

October  2018

The Concept of Masterminding has been around for ages. Used by numerous powerful individuals. allegiances have been formed in Mastermind Groups and gone on to do massive and major things in their lives and careers through the concept of Masterminding!

Mastermind group members challenge each other to set powerful goals, and achieve them! The energy and inspiration coupled with the support of highly driven individuals create a momentum and impact that yields major results!

Support, accountability, brainstorming, resources, major connections, opportunities and massive growth happen when highly driven individual come together with a centralized focus to grow massively in their life and business!

 Exceptional things will occur in this Mastermind!

This is an invitation-only( or highly referred) opportunity only select highly driven individuals who are capable of receiving at high levels and contributing!

The Exceptional Mastermind will have unique and  Select Focus Areas

  • The Mindset Needed for Massive Growth

  • Collaboration

  • Branding

  • Building and

  •  Next Level Profit Strategies

 In this opportunity, you will not only have the advantage of masterminding but also coaching, in which  I teach concepts beyond the surface into further designing your unique Business Brand and personal Brand.

this Mastermind is ideal for service based business owners, personal stylist, aspiring coaches and Salon Owners.

Next Level Strategies that allow you to attract the people and opportunities needed to SOAR, see multiplied profits and stand tall in your own lane in your Career in the Industry.

Branding your business properly attracts customers you love working with, who value your service, agree with your pricing, and refer new people all the time!

Building your Business is creating simple effective systems that make doing busy attractive and easy for your clients, great for your team, and for you to operate fully in your area of gifting!

And Profit…. Yesssss! This is where you are working on profit-producing items to multiply your profits with results driven strategies.



Improve what you’ve learned in the early stages in your business and profit for real!

Fulfillment and happiness in your business efforts come from understanding some of the simplest things. This is where Brand, Build, and Profit works for you!

This is Ideal for Service Based Business Owners, Industry Educators, Coaches, Salon Professionals that seriously wants to reach a new, exciting, and profitable levels in their business!


Much of the early stages of business are trial and error, doing what we know to the fullest, that sometimes just works, but often leaves you just working more without reproducing the income you truly desire and if so with tireless hours In the business.

Then there is a level where you would like to see your efforts produce greater profit, your business flow more smoothly, great staff that you enjoy and who enjoy working with you while prospering. There is a flow in your business that allows you time to enjoy operating your business with a more empowering effort that allows your business to flow instead of just function!

And the key to that is SYSTEMS!

In this year-long  MasterMind, You’ll Experience

  • 3 deep session of training from outside Experts. ( one high on my list is Trademarks and Copyrights)( Valued at $3000)
  • 12 Group MAsterMind Sessions( I will also coach you on current strategies during these sessions, I am being very selective as to only allow highly driven, motivated and EXCEPTIONAL industry professionals that everyone can glean and grow from, receive breakthroughs, that have something to offer to the community- over $8,000 in value)
  • 3 Mindset Shift Training By me! Helping you continue to uplevel in all areas(Priceless)
  • A photo Shoot for rebranding which will be held during over $1500 in value
  • 1 Day Live intensive- valued at over $2500) ( The entire group will meet for that in NC( I am looking into Hilton Head, preferably in June 2019) ( Travel and hotel not included. ( some meals and other amenities out side of the photo shoot are included)
  • Access to MIND YOUR BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP SITE FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR( $600 value), free access to many of my smaller trainings I will have a portal with training to follow throughout the month on branding, marketing and business building as well).
  • Access to 3D Success Mentorship and Branding training( $997)
  • 1 next level Renew Strategy Session with me privately( $997
  • Business/Brand Assessment ( valued at $597)
  • 1 Renew Strategy Session( Valued at $350)
  • Marketing Systems That Grow Your Clientele and Increase Client Retention
  • Creating New Revenue Streams( A concentration in teaching  skills and monetizing it(Valued at $2000)


    You Recieve: An Initial Business/Brand Assessment

  • Profit Strategies to lesson the time spent working in the business
      • Systems to running your Business more effectively and efficiently!
      • Brand Clarity( Who you are as a Brand and how to align that with your business goals and desires)
      • Client Systems and Processes ( From the phone to the return of their next visit)
      • Brand Positioning/Strategies for your local community and the market place
      • Developing a signature course or class as an additional revenue stream
      • Upleveling your money blueprint. Learn your unique profitable percentages to grow a profitable business (learn money earning, saving and investing strategies)
      • How to make front desk (your receptionist) help a money magnet
      • Staffing/ Hiring/ And Team Building Systems
      • How to Build profitable Website strategies
      • How to Hire an assistant- develop a training program
      • Business Daily Operation Systems
      • Marketing Systems That Grow Your Clientele and Increase Client Retention



  • 3 Payment options


A one time fee of 6k

  • Or


  • Extended up to over 18 months depending on your sign update

(normally a 12-month plan)

    •   Recurring payment of $337 monthly(totaling the balance until you have completed  the cost of the Mastermind)

      Exceptiona Yearlong MasterMind


Bi Weekly

Weekly recurring payments of $84 weekly

Hit Subscribe today your weekly recurring payments will begin

Exceptional MasterMind weel

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