One of the biggest decisions a solo entrepreneur can make is to hire help and grow a TEAM.

Whether it’s a VA, technician, admin, Coach, bookkeeper, assistant or contracted help.

So many entrepreneurs stay in the phase of doing everything in and for the business by themselves far too long.

  • They Market
  • They Advertise
  • They create the strategies
  • They do the service
  • They take the appointments
  • They build the website
  • They do their bookkeeping
  • They handle Vendors
  • Process Payments
  • They do it all.


I personally believe the seed-stage of your business (where you kinda do it all) is necessary.
If you plan on hiring help it’s great if you know the process of what it takes to actually make it happen, or at least have an idea of what’s going to work for your brand.
But eventually, what started out as learning and adjusting
(and probably a time where it simply didn’t make financial sense to hire help) becomes a Hustle… that hurts the business.
It often leads to burn out, unsatisfied customers, and simply too much for one person to handle effectively.
So when is the right time to Hire Help?
Here are six signs it may be time for you to hire help or grow a T.E.A.M.
#1 If you’re turning down work.
You’re completely and fully so busy that people are calling or connecting with you to work with you and you simply can’t service another person. Chances are likely that is time to hire help.
I know it feels good to say, ” I’m booked, we’re busy, sold out”,
if you don’t find a new system to invite new people into your customer flow, eventually it could end in loss of business.
#2 Your customers are complaining.
 Now this one hit home for me.
I remember when I was in transition from being a service-based brick and mortar business owner to Consulting and Coaching full time.
I stopped hiring help in my previous business as I was transitioning.
I remember one client in particular sharing with me her concerns about how I was showing up. I simply wasn’t as prepared as I normally would be because I had started doing it ALL …as I was transitioning.
It was definitely having an effect on my previous business. A short season as I was preparing to embark fully on my new business, but I still remember the uncomfortableness, for me and for my customers.
Now, with all of the responsibilities it takes to grow a business, it can be easy to allow some of the important things, like how you connect with the customers, to go down the drain. Their experience can be impacted if you are simply, too busy.
  • When customers start complaining about what you are offering and how the time is spent with you, the process of scheduling with you, etc.
  • When they start making complaints

It’s often a sign you probably need help.

#3 Let’s face it. The fact that you’re busy often means you have room for a new person on your team to be busy as well.
If you have enough work for you and twenty other people :), you probably have enough work to keep a new hire busy, and it’s past time for a new hire.
#4 You’ve identified a new revenue stream.
Now this often happens with service-based business owners who have mastered one particular area of their craft or they’ve been in it for quite some time, they’ll see an opportunity for a new revenue stream.
This is often the time where bringing someone on to help allow you to eliminate disappointing clients or customers in the first Revenue stream that you currently have.
 And mostly, give you space and time to build the new revenue stream.
#5 Your clients can’t reach you.
If you watch social media with a different eye you’ll see some of the busiest people telling clients on pubic post to customers, “Don’t call me on weekends, I can’t answer your call, I have a family too, this is not my whole life( meaning the business) It’s completely understandable.
I believe clients do respect the fact that you have a family, as well you have a life outside of your business,
but in all honesty,’
at the end of the day,
for the most part,
the customers and clients don’t care.
Their goal is to have services done by you, buy your product, etc.  and your goal is to have systems in place to make that possible.
Now, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have a cut-off time or a work schedule but if you have someone in place who can speak with them, who can handle some of the processing of emails, or how people contact you for services, it will make your work a lot easier.
Also, your brand presence is a lot more welcoming as a business.
#6 If your current daily operations are preventing you from creating a growth strategy.
Meaning, if what you’re doing on a daily basis is causing you to be stagnant in doing what’s necessary to grow the business chances are very likely you need help.
That video that needs editing
the graphic that needs designing,
the client that needs servicing
the emails that need answering
even the customers you may be currently servicing in your current role,
if they are actually what’s holding you from growing the business, it’s a great sign that it’s time for you to hire help.
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